Sailaway: Feel Like You’re Sailing in the Seas


Sailing is a skill that not everyone has. Those that are capable of sailing make it their career or some kind of pastime. Sailaway is an upcoming simulation game where the player sails the seas. The player is placed on a boat where they would then begin sailing. It sounds simple enough but there are a lot of tricks and things to consider when playing the game. First of all you get to choose a boat and later get and use more boats. Different boats have different capabilities and sizes. When you have your boat its time to go exploring and sailing the seas.

The gameplay is pretty much that where you will sail the seas but there are some other features and parts of the game that bring some challenges. That of course includes hazards in the sea like buoys. Oil rigs and more. You also have to deal with the harsh environment. There are times when the weather is bad or the waves are hitting hard but that’s all part of sailing. Speaking of sailing, you also have to watch out and measure the wind speed and direction to get through it. The game is expected to hit the PC sometime in November and the mobile ports for iOS and Android systems will follow some time after. If you have an interest in sailing but wouldn’t want to go out and actually do it then you can pretty much get Sailaway for your device when it arrives.

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