ROME: Total War’s Port to the iPad

Rome Total War Coming to ipad

In 2004, a game called ROME: Total War was released for the PC. It was a simple time and the game looked good then and the gameplay is just as a good. They recently announced that the game will be ported to the iPad. The release date is unknown but we already have videos and images about the game’s development. Then again they are just porting the game so not a lot of work is needed to be done but could still take some time. The gameplay is primary the same as the PC version. Players get to choose a faction during that time period. They choose from the house of Julii, Brutii or Scipii and they become the head as they also have family members supporting them.

The game is about conquering and defeating the other two factions. That is easier said than done as you need to grow your faction’s city. That way you can have a lot of resources and people that will work and fight for you. In terms of the port, there really isn’t much of a difference to it. The touchscreen allows control to be easy. It is very much like using a mouse on the PC but the touchscreen makes it easier as well. Just tap on the screen or use formations to play it. In terms of the visuals and the audio, there really isn’t much of a difference and the game looks and sounds good.

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