Roll the Ball Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Roll the Ball is a puzzle game where you have to solve it by moving the grid. You have to complete the puzzle to make a complete path so that the ball can roll to the goal. This sounds easy but you can use our Roll the Ball hack, cheats, tips and guide.

roll the ball slide puzzle hack cheats tips guide

Roll the Ball is available on both iOS and Android.

Different modes to choose from

The Star Mode is like the easiest one to play. The Star Mode is the basic concept where you just solve the puzzle and you get the ball to role to get a star rating. The Star Mode doesn’t have any time limit or move strike. Take your time when it comes to solving these puzzles. The Basic Mode is similar to Star Mode but the thing to keep in mind is that in this mode you need to solve the puzzle with the least amount of moves as possible.

The Moving Mode is where the ball is moving as you are solving the puzzle. Failing to complete the puzzle while the ball is moving means that the round is over. One thing to keep in mind is that puzzles tend to repeat. If you solved them in Star Mode then you can pretty much solve them in the other two modes with ease.

Use the Undo Button

In a game like this, chances are you would often fail when it comes to sliding a tile or doing something else. The thing that can help you is the Undo Button. The Undo Button can reverse time a bit or whatever you did on the last turn. It doesn’t affect your star rating in Star Mode. It is like a free lifeline that you can use to save your moves.

Using hints

Hints can be useful when you’re stuck on a puzzle. You get three hints per run so it is ideal to use them when you need to. It is better that you use hints in Basic and Moving Modes instead of Star Mode where you can just go at it again and again.

Figuring the puzzle out

The puzzles can be as tricky or as easy as possible. There are times when the puzzle seems hard but finding out the right tile is the key. There are also times when the puzzle seems easy but it turns out to be tricky and hard. The Undo Button that we mentioned earlier is useful for these cases. You can do trial and errors without any repercussions. You just have to be attentive to the puzzle and the possible route of the ball.

All about ads

When you need to add more hints, you can watch ads as you are playing. Ads give you hints that you can use. Even if you don’t use them, you can still pile them up for when you eventually need them. If you have enough hints or don’t want to be annoyed by ads popping up then play the game in offline mode.

Check your message box

Check your message box from time to time as you may get a nice little gift there that you can use.

Solve that puzzle with the use of our Roll the Ball hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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