Restaurant Story: Founders Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Restaurant Story: Founders is a simulation game where you run a restaurant. You place workers to cook the food and take care of the customers that leave. Speaking of customers you have to make sure that they get what they need. These would include good food, service and a fashionable restaurant. Customize your restaurant to get the best of what you need and to do that you can use our Restaurant Story: Founders hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Restaurant Story: Founders is available on Android.

Customer care first

When you first start playing Restaurant Story: Founders, don’t go for expansion and designing yet. It is best to keep your restaurant looking good but not spending a lot yet. That is because you should focus on your customers. If you put too many tables then your workers may be overwhelmed for the first time. You will lose profits and suffer from poor reviews. It is best to just care for small number of customers.

Slowly expand

When you start small that is good but when you’re getting good amounts of revenue, it is time to start expanding. Don’t expand the area just yet, focus on adding more tables and chairs for more customers to come. When that happens, you can earn more income. When you lack space now, go for expanding the area of your restaurant which will then allow you to get more tables and space. Slow expansion is good because you’re earning money without losing a lot of it.

Update your menu

Your menu is like the heart of the restaurant. When you start you will limited items on your menu. The more you expand means the more you can get ingredients and get more food items for your menu. The reason why you need to update your menu is that later on some customers won’t be giving the same feedback since the food or the menu is just the same. It also helps to rotate the menu with you don’t have a lot of food right away.

Start designing

Later on when you’ve already gotten a nice flow of income, an updated menu and considerable restaurant it is time to design. Designing doesn’t just mean that you need to spend a lot of money. You can spend little and still make your restaurant look good. You have to consider designing every corner from the walls and even the floors. Customers like it when you have a good looking restaurant and you get higher ratings as well. Think outside the box or just follow your preferences when designing.

Add friends

Adding friends is a nice feature in the game. You get to interact with them by trading ingredients to help each other get a food item for the menu. Adding friends also allow you and them to help each other out in maintaining the restaurant when one of you isn’t playing Restaurant Story: Founders at the moment. It helps to have a helping hand and for you to help as well.

Running a restaurant can be tiring but with the help of our Restaurant Story: Founders hack, cheats, tips and guide you can do it with ease.

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