Remedy Rush Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Remedy Rush is a combination of an endless runner game and as series of games. The premise is that you need to heal your body since it is apparently sick. The types of remedies or treatments used are very bizarre things like a cookie to a tennis ball. However the germs and toxins inside the body are going to destroy those remedies so to help you we have our Remedy Rush hack, cheats, tips and guide.

remedy rush hack cheats tips guide

Remedy Rush is available on both iOS.

Know the obstacles

Like all endless runners games there are those obstacles that can be harmful to your run. There are also some things that you can encounter but they don’t necessarily harm you and some of them can help you. There are the white blocks which are the cells of your body. They just block your remedy and they don’t really harm you. Yellow blocks are germs and can blow up when you hit them so avoid them when you can. Then there are the red items which can range to blocks, Xs and even question marks. These red items are Toxins that will have delayed explosion the first time you hit them but will explode right away when you hit it a second time. Then there are green crosses that heal your Remedy.

Get rid of germs

Germs can be annoying as they could block a path that you can take. In a sense it can be helpful sometimes as germs can destroy white blocks so you can have another path to go to. Now when it comes to dealing with germs there are ways to go about it. You can use a Toxin to get rid of germs. You have to time your bumps to make sure that the second bump will explode the Toxin which will also destroy the nearby germs. This takes a bit of timing and accuracy but that’s good.

One other way to get rid of germs is by doing the health burst. In order to do this is to gather some of those green crosses. When your health is full you can carry up to three green crosses. You need to swipe downwards to charge the health burst. Once the bar is full the health burst is unleashed which will destroy any germs and nearby Toxins. One other thing is that the bigger the germ means the more points you can get.

The right remedy

Each remedy is useful in its own way. The more you unlock remedies means the more you can use and the more points you can earn. You start off with the cookie which is good but later on some remedies can grant you more points than most. Like an Egg can grant you more points in a level but it can’t have as good of an effect on another. Unlocking more levels and Remedies is a good way to experiment and have some fun.

Points or Coins

Coins are used to unlock a lot of the content. You can get them in the levels but you can miss them if you move to fast. This isn’t too much of a concern but most people would be conflicted to go for Coins or points. Now points don’t offer anything other than satisfaction. It is either you go for the points but don’t ignore the Coins as you need them for getting things.

Self medication is never easy but with our Remedy Rush hack, cheats, tips and guide there’s no need have a hard time.

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