Primal Legends Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

People love playing puzzle games where they match three blocks and score. People also love playing games that have turn based mechanics to them. They have the time to think before unleashing an attack. Now of course Primal Legends combines both of these gameplay into one. Players get to collect heroes and engage enemies in a turn based battle mode where they have to remove and match blocks from the enemy’s board. It really sounds great that you have to focus on clearing your enemy’s blocks and to do that you can turn to our Primal Legends hack, cheats, tips and guide.

primal legends hack, cheats, tips and guide

Primal Legends is available on both Appstore and Google Play.

Unlocking more heroes

Heroes will be your best companions in the game. You can get some default heroes but getting more is ideal. The unfortunate thing is that getting heroes won’t be as easy in the game but of course there are ways to do it. One thing that you can do in the easiest way but costly is to buy heroes. You can only buy some of the heroes as not all can be purchasable. If you have real life money to buy heroes then do it.

One other way to get heroes is by completing single player missions. When you complete single player missions especially for the first time, you get a chest. When you open the chest you get some rewards. However when you choose to open the chest after some time has passed you can get a hero as well but only by chance. The final way to get heroes is by fighting in the Arena against other players. When you win five battles then you can get a chest as well. This one is trickier since winning five battles can be hard.

Your hero lineup

The game isn’t as punishing when it comes to its rock, paper and scissors mechanic. You don’t need to bring a hero of different colors. You can have a lineup of the same colors or basically just split them up. When you have strong heroes then use them but change them if they’re failing later on.

Unleash your heroes

When you’re doing single player missions, you will probably have some side targets to complete. You need to do these first so that you can complete the mission right away. When it comes to your heroes, you have four equipped all of the time. This goes back to picking your hero lineup so colors won’t matter as much. Make sure that you fill up the meter of your strongest hero first. When you’re not playing single player missions, it is ideal to launch and use your strongest hero right away. Then build up your next heroes and use them when you can. Don’t bother saving them so that you can achieve victory much faster be be careful when playing single player missions with your heroes.

Turn based combat is so interesting when you’re clearing up your enemy blocks to score a hit and make it even better by using our Primal Legends hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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