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Postknight is a game where you control your knight for the most part in doing some deliveries. It is an RPG where you need to take on missions to deliver things to different areas. Different enemies will be hindering your progress. Make sure to grow your knight so that he can take on more challenges in the future. However when you’re still having a hard time then you can always rely on our Postknight hack, cheats, tips and guide as well as our method to get free gems and coins in Postknight. 

Postknight is available on both iOS and Android.

Do deliveries that you can handle

You can gain access to some very advanced and hard deliveries earlier on. The good or ideal thing to do is Postknight is to just do the missions that you can handle. That way you can gain more rewards without the risk of losing anything should the delivery run fail. Don’t also go for those deliveries that are far too easy. Make sure that you go for missions and deliveries that can bear good rewards as well so that you can maximize your time. The one benefit though for doing harder deliveries is that you can get more experience and rewards provided you complete the mission.

Postknight tokens are one of the most important currency in Postknight

Postknight tokens can be earned by completing Delivery quests. It is extremely useful, because it can increase your earning for coins, boosting your XP per battle and improve the turn around time of quests permanently.

The idea is that, you submit your Postknight tokens then you will turn into a Postknight, when you level up, you will receive 1 of the 3 benefits i mention above.

The benefits of watching ads

Recover your full health: You can use gems, wait or watch ads. Nothing to discuss about using gems and waiting, watching ads can be a very good way to save your time. It is arguable that you will also need at least 30s per ads which is no different to waiting. This is only application when you are on Pompon. But as you advance further in Postknight, you will notice that you can save you a considerate amount of time. Moreover, it is free, can’t see why not.

Instant List reloaded: This is the part where i like watching ads the most. If you watch ads, you will have the list of merchant’s, quests and delivery quests reloaded right away, literately 0 waiting time. I personally only use it for the list of delivery quests, mostly for Postknight Tokens.

It is a contribution to the developers: Game devs spend 10 of thousand of hours developing games, watching ads is a wait for them to bring bacon home, so i highly suggest you to do it if you are not going to spend any real money on Postknight. 😀

Some easy Postknight guide to get free gems and coins

Generally, it is pretty easy to get free gems and free coins in Postknight, unless, of course you want to pay for it.

We discovered 2 methods that can help you get free gems and coins. First is probably the most entertaining way. Both coins and gems can be obtained from doing quests and picking from loots. So make sure you proceed slowly in this Postknight, pick up all the loots. Doing quests sometime returns some very nice attractive amount of gems as well, so start with easy quests then move to another quest slowly. Quests will be refreshed when you are done with your previous quests, so the potential is endless.

The second method is use this Postknight hack that we found, probably the only one that actually work out there. Make sure you are logged in with your gamecenter account (worked for me), then use that account of your to connect, pretty straight forward, just stick with the instruction. Do let me know if you have any issue in the comment section below.

Some simple Postknight guide to stats distributing

In this section, i will cover a few simple principle stats distribution strategy that you can’t go wrong with, just stick to this then you are good to go. Similar to most RPG, SP in Postknight cover the following:

Boost vitality and strength: i consider this as the most important stats, in the early stage, i tend to focus on these 2. The reason is because they will boost your HP and ATT, pretty much the bread and butter in Postknight.

Agility: whenever i know i am about to face some bad ass bosses, i will bump into Agility, the reason is for increasing critical hits percentage as well as my flexibility. It means that with Agility, you have higher chance to dodge attacks and higher chance to hit critical hits. Both are essential for bossing.

Intelligence: Perfect for levelling, intelligence boost the XP you earn per match and improve your magic defence. Extremely good if you want to level up fast.

Some Hack for Equipment in Postknight

Stats or look

One thing that is good about the game is that the weapons and armors you equip can change in appearance. In some cases, if you prefer to have looks over stats then go for it. However it all boils down to performance and stats given. You need to use armor and weapons that are suited for your level. Having good looks is good but if you have armors with better stats then just ignore the looks or aesthetic part of it. Changing your equipment is ideal later on so that you can deal with the challenges ahead. Different equipment also provide different kinds of skills that you can use. When you have desired skills from an equipment then you can use it when needed.

Aim to upgrade your stuffs to 5 stars

Don’t leave this nice bonuses on the table. If you have your equipment upgraded to 5 stars, you will be rewarded with extra goodies such as 10% increase in damage or some time 5% increase in chance of hitting critical hits. Bossing or not, both are extremely useful for your battles.

Aim for full set

If you have a full 4 items in 1 set, you will also receive a boost. Remember the look issue a few post above? With full set you don’t have to worry about it. If you need the last item of the set, try to look at the merchant, it might be on sale.

Mixing your potions

The game features a system where you can make your own potions. When you have the right ingredients then you can make different potions. Basically a potion can be used for healing your knight when you’re making deliveries. However later on you can make more potions of different uses. You have potions that have more healing power or potions that have average healing but have low cooldowns. There are also potions that have different uses like granting buffs to your knight when needed.

Shield and Charge attack can be turn into a very powerful combination

Charge Attack: bare in mind, it indeed do some serious damage without knockback but you will also receive quite some damage. Especially when you already unlock Blitz skill, your ATK doubled but so does your chance of getting killed half way.

The combination: I use this method and it works 100% of the time, first, you fire up your shield then use charge attack right away. The idea is to use your shield to cover you while you are in midway, hence reduce the risk of getting killed when charging.

Bossing? Shield + Charge Attack + Blitz + Assault Boost: While bossing, the power of Shield + Charge Attack combination is even clearer. It is actually a bad idea to use Charge Attack without shield, these boss can deal some phenomenon damage, and why risk the knockback? To maximize your damage, improve your combination with Blitz (double charge attack time) and Assault Boost (double damage), this can turn into an extremely powerful combination in Post Knight.

Explore different areas

When you’re not doing deliveries, you can explore the nearby areas. In doing so you can unlock more missions as well as meet new characters to interact. In some cases these characters can also give you rewards or different missions as well.

Form your virtual relationships in Postknight

Your Postknight is a nice and handsome stud to say the least. The thing is that you can build up different relationships with other female characters known as damsels. You can have an intimate relationship with them if you want. You can gain rewards the closer your relationship with these girls become. Just make sure to visit and give them gifts when you have the chance.

Just like in real life, you need to be romantic to win girls’ heart. Same principle applies to Postknight. Don’t buy food for girls in the village, it won’t fill up Heart Meter fast. Instead, look for something attractive and romantic and gift it to girls in the village.

Bare in mind, the higher the meter, the more valuable stuffs you will receive from them, so up your game!

Chivalry in delivery is always a good thing so make sure to use our Postknight hack, cheats, tips and guide.


  1. I just downloaded this game. I like this game and the graphic and the music are fun. Do you play this game? Do you like this game? Also I would like to know about your strategy to increase the stats. I am currently level 16 and I increased the STR AGI VIT by 10 points, and INT by 9 points.

    1. Yep i absolutely love Postknight, easily the best game of this Feb, we still have 18 days to go but we have to give them that :D. I am working on a stats distributing guide right now. Will update this post soon :D.

      1. My personal preference, no need for intelligence unless you’re really looking for a big time experience boost but Seagleam Set could do that for you. Trove Cove + Seagleam Set gives 32k experience. 28k without Seagleam Set.

  2. Does the gift given to Damsels matter? Said a different way, does each damsel have a preferred gift that builds relationship quicker? Looking for a stat Guide – I’m mostly STR.

    1. Yes it matters, they do have preference, i find giving them earring and handkerchief yield higher fill rate in the Hearts Meter. Don’t give them food though, it is a waste of time 😀

      The higher the meter, the more valuable stuffs you will get from them.

      Regarding to the stats building section for this Postknight guide, i haven’t played this game extensive enough to pile up all the stats guide, i will see if it is possible since there are a lot of stats variations to play in Postknight.

  3. The best way to get better relationship is using the blossom festival flower. I gave each flower based on their hair color (just a hunch because fleur doesn’t like rose, so i thought giving her a bouquet of roses will make her furious), except dahlia. Dahlia has a rose on her hair so i gave her roses (and it works).

  4. Hey any updates?
    I would like to know more about stats build, the relationship with the ladies and one last important thing, where to get the most siren scales, I needed it for upgrades and I’m finding it hard to farm for it.

    1. Don’t bother with the Siren Scale. The Armor alone costs 50 Siren Scales when upgrading it to 5 stars. The most that you can get in Trove Cove (Shello Bay’s 5th stage) is 3-4 pieces. Just max out the Seagleam Sword, work your way to level 55 where you can use both Elusive Charge and Precise Barrier then farm up for the Mistral Set (Tier III). It’s easier to obtain, upgrade and much useful than the Seagleam set.

  5. I have reached Valley of Gold using Mistral Set (Tier III, Helm not maxed). Not sure if it’s the same as you guys but my weapon unlocked “Scrounge” which is basically some sort of life steal everytime I do critical damage. I have 50+ agility so chances of critical damage is fairly high. I just use Elusive Charge (Life Steal + Dodge) and Precise Barrier (Perfect Block regens 70+ HP) so all in all, a very nice trick. Not taking any damage but regenerating some health. Much better to use if the enemies are stacked together and could regenerate up to 100+ hp depending on your damage. When executing Charge and Barrier combo and enemies are stacked, my regen HP could reach up to 200+ points.

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