Pokemon Duel Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Pokemon Duel is the latest offering from the Pokemon franchise for mobile game players. Unlike Pokemon Go, you won’t need to do any walking or even rely on your GPS. The game utilizes a board game like system where you move your chosen Pokemons around. You encounter other Pokemons and the battle will begin. In terms of the battle you just need to do the classic collecting Pokemon and pit them against other Pokemons. It isn’t the same and traditional as the original Pokemon battle systems so that’s why you need our Pokemon Duel hack, cheats, tips and guide.

pokemon duel hack cheats tips and guide

Pokemon Duel is available on both iOS and Android.

Messages and daily missions

When it comes to daily missions it is a given that you need to do them when you can of course. You don’t have to but of course those rewards are too good to let go. You can get some Coins and even Gems from time to time. The daily missions change after the day is over so you can’t do them when that happens but a new set of daily missions happen. When it also comes to the messages you may think its nothing but there are times that you need to check it. That is because the game doesn’t tell you if you have new and unread messages containing rewards like Coins and Gems so check the message from time to time.

Avoid a battle

You will of course encounter other Pokemons on the board and if that happens a battle will occur. Now you can avoid a battle entirely and here is how you do it. When you move your Pokemons on the board you can move them to surround an enemy Pokemon. Basically you need two of your Pokemons to cover the left and right side of the Pokemon to avoid doing battle with it. The surrounded Pokemon will just disappear helping you avoid a battle to begin with.

The color of your moves

Pokemons have moves liek they always do. The standard Pokemon weakness charts still apply but the game has colors for the moves that you can use. Blue moves are defensive moves where your Pokemon uses moves to protect or buff itself. The White moves are the normal attacks that Pokemons can do. The Purple moves are for those that have special effects like inflicting Poison, Sleep and many more. Then finally the Gold moves are the strongest types of attacks but function much like White moves. One thing to remember as well as is that Gold beats Purple and then Purple beats White.

Using Pokemon combos

There are some Pokemons that complement each other. In short you need to have two specific Pokemons in your deck to have the best results. There could be a lot of combinations and players are trying to find out more each day so make sure you do your own combination experiments or read up online combo suggestions. Two popular combos you can use are the Rayquaza and Salamence combo along with the Weavile and Yveltal combo.

Everybody loves Pokemon so use our Pokemon Duel hack, cheats, tips and guide to win your matches.

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