PlayPhoto Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

People have access to mobile devices nowadays. It isn’t like the old days where mobile devices were a luxury but not today. Speaking of mobile devices people have a ton of photos in them so why not upload them on PlayPhoto. It is actually a game for mobile devices. People can upload their photos there where it can be made into quizzes for people to answer. It becomes a nice community driven game but of course you can rely on our PlayPhoto  hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

PlayPhoto is available on both iOS and Android.

Log in timely

One thing in PlayPhoto is that you don’t have to keep playing it however one thing you can do is to play in a timely manner. Play a couple of quizzes and the more you answer correctly means your reward meter will fill up. Once the meter is full, you can claim the reward and the reward meter will refresh after 14 hours. When that happens, you don’t need to play again after the reward meter is available. Just remember that you can play even without the reward meter.

The board

While playing the game you don’t need to complete the board. Think of it as an incentive for you to do to gain more rewards. That’s the good if you do want to clear the board. You need to answer a lot of quizzes as possible so that you can mark and get the board to be completed.

Save your power ups

There are power ups that you can use when you play a quiz. The unfortunate thing is that the game forces you to use a power up in every game. That can be annoying because there are times when you don’t need to use a power up. What you need to do is just equip one of each power up. That way your power ups won’t be wasted and you’ll only be using one at a time even when it isn’t needed.

Choose your categories

The multiplayer aspect is where it is at. Now when you’re competing against other people and its your turn to choose a category, it is ideal to choose one that you’re good at. That of course is because you will gain an advantage with categories that you need. If you’re good at sports then choose categories that are related to sports so you can get the upper hand.

Have someone help you

Playing multiplayer in PlayPhoto is done online. Try to do a bit of mischief by having some people help you. Basically you and a couple of friends can be together and they can help you answer some questions. Its not like the game has a way of saying that you’re doing it. Think of it as added support as long as they know the answers of course.

Connect to Facebook

Connecting your game to Facebook is something ideal. You can add friends there where you can send and give gifts to each other. Plus you can compete with friends online for fun and the usual stuff.

Take those picture quizzes with the help of Rouen Gamers’ PlayPhoto hacks, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers.

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