Pixel Drifters Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Pixel Drifters is an overhead driving game that uses pixels as its visuals. Make sure to drive your way collecting coins and avoiding getting hit. There are different obstacles that you need to avoid otherwise the run will end. You have to do missions as well to progress through the different levels. Unlock more cars and drive them more and more. Be sure to use our Pixel Drifters hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Pixel Drifters is available on iOS.

Controls are sluggish

Pixel Drifters has very simple controls. You just have to press left or right to make your car turn. The problem though is that some cars have a little delay. The car is constantly moving so you need to keep turning to avoid getting hit. You need to know the delay time because it allows you to turn ahead so that you wouldn’t be crashing and burning.

Avoid obstacles

This game of course needs you to avoid obstacles. There are different obstacles in the game like walls, cars, posts and anything else in between. Basically you have to avoid everything in sight so that you won’t get hit. If you’re not sure if something is safe to go to or not then just avoid them. If you don’t get killed by them then that’s fine as well. Just repeat it again with the knowledge that you won’t be harmed by it.

Do the objectives

The game feels like an endless runner but it isn’t. There are objectives in each level which vary. The usual ones just need you to gather the right amount of coins. There could be something like scoring a number of points. Then there are some obscure objectives like scaring a number of birds. Keep in mind that you can’t complete the level when one objective is still around. The good thing is that all the coins you get from the level even if you fail will still be yours to use. Just do the objectives when you are able to do so. This goes back again to controls if you still need some practice.

Gifts for you

Check your mail from time to time as you may get a gift when you least expect it. Gifts can vary but most of the time they are just coins for you to use which is fine as well.

Unlock more cars

Pixel Drifters prides on having a lot of cars for you to unlock. You can get them by buying them with coins. They are a bit expensive when it comes to coin purchases. One other way to get cars is by doing those lucky draws. You basically pay less but you can get a random car by chance. Then the other way is to pay for it with real money.

Play user created levels

The game does allow you to make your own levels. You can then share them online and allow other players to play it. Plus you can also play other player created levels for your amusement.

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