Piano Tap 2: Piano Flight Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Piano Tap 2: Piano Flight brings a nice little twist to those Piano Tile games where you just tap on the black piano tiles while music is playing. One distinct thing to the game is that you’re not just playing on board with black and white tiles. The game makes you seem like you’re flying in the air with different terrains. The objective is to tap on some tiles or this time music notes. You have to be fast on those later notes to get the best scores. It is a fun game with a nice challenge so make sure you use our Piano Tap 2: Piano Flight hack, cheats, tips and guide.

piano tiles 2 piano flight hack cheats tips guide

Piano Tap 2: Piano Flight is available on both iOS and Android.

Go for Black not the White if you can

In the Piano Tile games, tapping the white tiles have no effect. In this game tapping the white notes will decrease your points. Tapping on the black notes will increase your points of course. The game isn’t as punishing where it will end when you miss pressing a note. It is basically like a plus minus point system which is good. This sounds easy but later on the notes move faster so white and black tiles will be in the mix making it much harder.

Use as many fingers as possible

A piano player uses all ten fingers when needed, in the game you need to use as many fingers on both hands as possible. This applies especially later on when notes are moving faster. You need to be quick on your fingers to tap notes that come into play. Then again there is no way you’ll be needing to use all ten fingers but perhaps four is the highest you can use.

Rack up on points

Points of course are the purpose of the levels and getting those 3 Star ratings. There are some ways to rack up on points. The basic way of course is to just continue tapping on those black notes. Points get larger the more successful you tap forming combos so to speak. They do break if you tap on it too late or if you tap on a white note. One other way to rack on points is to hold on black notes that have a long tone. Remember to release it when you’re going to tap on the next note.

Replay old levels

If you’re not satisfied with the points you got in one level, you can always replay that level. Try to beat it again to earn more points or gain a higher Star rating. The more you play them adds more practice and experience to your arsenal as the later levels tend to be harder.

Enjoy the music or not

When you play the game and successfully hit the notes you end up playing the music. There are those that enjoy the music as if they’re playing a real piano. Then again for some the music is a distraction. If you don’t want to listen to the music then just mute your device to play and focus n the game.

Playing the piano in real life can be easier but with our Piano Tap 2: Piano Flight hack, cheats, tips and guide you can play the game much easier.

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