Peppy Pairs Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Peppy Pairs is a game where you simply match up different creatures of the same appearance. It is also a memory based game so matching them can be simple for the most part. You go from different locations to solve puzzles and when you successfully do so you restore the land to its former glory. Matching up different pairs is good but to do it better you need our Peppy Pairs hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Peppy Pairs is available on both iOS and Android.

Make a list

This one is a bit of chore but can be a sure fire way to get the best results. When playing Peppy Pairs you can use a sheet of paper or anything you’re comfortable with. Draw the pattern and write down the creatures that appear on each tile. That way when you open another tile that has the same creature, you can just look at the paper and see where that same creature is so that you can match it. This is a bit of a chore but if you’re really that bad then you can use this.

Go for a pattern

If the list is too much of a chore which it is, then go for a pattern in solving. The good thing is that in one puzzle you can match more than one of the same creature at the same time. You can have a puzzle that has a lot of octopuses in it but their placements wouldn’t be the same. In a sense you don’t have to remember the creatures because you can pop up another one in another place. When solving puzzles you can go for a pattern. Just like directly going down or to the side. The risk in this is that you may use up all of your energy. Randomly opening up tiles can also be a pattern but finding a direction is just as good.

Go for combo points

When you match a creature pair you get a point multiplier. If you continuously do this, you can increase the point multiplier more and more. That of course is provided that you match pairs without making an error. If you do make an error the multiplier goes back to 2.

Complete the level with optimal energy

When you miss a pair then your energy will be deducted by 1. Use up all your energy and you won’t be able to play until it replenishes later on. Later on the puzzles get bigger so you need to make little to no mistakes to keep playing the game. Plus in order to clear the level you need to have the right amount of points. Even if you clear the puzzle, without the right amount of points the star can’t be obtained. So basically clear the puzzle with as much energy left as possible and with enough points.

Add friends

Adding friends can be good as they can help replenish energy in a way and of course you can also share your progress online to keep everyone in the fold.

Matching some creatures can be easier said than done but you can always rely on our Peppy Pairs hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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