Penarium Review

Penarium was once a popular circus but times have been hard. Not a lot of people are going to the place and the business is losing money. In an attempt to reinvigorate the public, they capture you, a guy named Wily to be a circus entertainer of a different kind. You need to survive a series of traps and other things just to provide the entertainment that the people would want. Do you have what it takes to do so?

Penarium is available on Steam, iOS and Android.


Penarium is a 2D platformer where you make Wily jump from platform to platform to avoid traps. The other element of the game is that it is an endless survival runner. The only time the game ends is when Wily dies from one of the traps. You can collect coins and barrels along the way which you can use for some things later on. Now onto the traps, the traps are a bit distinct so to speak. The game prides itself on having randomly generated traps. One minute you could be submerged in water and the next minute you would be bombarded with missiles. Now in terms of the traps there are a lot of them. Just to give you an idea the traps can be idle or moving with things like missiles, lasers, guns, spikes, buzz saws, killer cards, dragons, balls, water, people and many more. Just remember that there is no point in memorizing trap patterns as they change every time you play a new game.


In terms of the games visuals, it uses pixelated graphics. It doesn’t necessarily use 8 bit ones but it has a mixture of a lot. Then again you are only staying in one screen so the layout doesn’t change. The only thing that you see new are the traps. The traps repeat for new games but they are pretty much similar for the most part. The music doesn’t utilize classic pixelated music but it does sound a classic circus whimsical tune. Once again there isn’t much variety but that isn’t a bad thing in a way.

Strong Points:

The problem with most endless runner or endless survival games like Penarium is that they get boring after a couple of minutes. In this game, the random generated traps makes the game a bit more fun. You wouldn’t know what to expect and you can play it straight without getting bored. It provides a certain challenge that doesn’t necessarily make it frustrating. The other thing is that the controls are very smooth on this game.

Final Evaluation:

This is the type of game where you can get some fun out of the random generated traps. It starts off slow but then gets challenging later on. Bare in mind, it can heighten up your reflexes when you keep playing it. It can be good if you play this game with a friend in terms of something like a competition. The game doesn’t have a multiplayer aspect at the moment so that’s a bit of a let down but it plays good overall.

This review was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers.

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