Pavilion: A Colorful and Beautiful Puzzle Game


Pavilion is brought to you by the people of Visiontrick Media. The game is initially available for Andriod, iOS and PS Vita systems. The game will have a port for the PC and Playstation 4 soon with updated visuals but the gameplay is primarily the same. Speaking of the gameplay, it is a puzzle based game utilizing the fourth person perspective. The misconception is that you are not controlling the human but your are actually the sheep dog. You will act as a guide to help him solve the puzzles. The puzzles would vary per level but they are pretty standard and straightforward. Puzzle mechanics would involve moving blocks or objects from one point to another.

Another kind of puzzle mechanic would be triggering different items or things that you can see on the area to see if anything happens. There are also times where you have to pay attention to the sound to hear anything out of the ordinary as well as the lighting. These clues will help you progress through the game and just solve those puzzles and proceed to the next levels. The game is set in a fantasy and magical world where there are a lot of things to uncover. We’ve already mentioned the stunning visuals and when the game hits the PC and Playstation 4, these visuals would be upgraded even further with higher resolutions. While you’re waiting for those ports you can always get the mobile versions for aroun $11.99 which is still worth the price.

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