Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide is another game in the .io series. The gameplay mechanic is the same but with different elements to it. You control a snake like creature that can only move in a straight line. It can move in a vertical or horizontal way and no diagonal unfortunately. Your goal is to get as much tiles to be a part of your area as possible. You have to avoid getting run over by other players otherwise you start again and lose all your progress. You can also choose to attack other players by hitting them from the side and destroying their territories as well. It sounds fun but it can be more fun when you use our hack, cheats, tips and guide. hack cheats tips guide is available on iOS and Android.

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When you start playing the game it is ideal to go to a space far away from other players. When you’re in a safe and secluded spot for the time being you can start building your territory. Make sure to start out first so that you can acquire areas with ease. Don’t go covering large areas as players could be on the prowl and destroy you in an instant.

Play safe or be aggressive

Just as the upper tip states, you need to make your area secluded for the time being. The unfortunate thing is that the other players are expanding as well. If that happens then chances are is that you will encounter players or they will encounter you first. If such an instant doesn’t happen yet then just continue playing safe and rack up on those areas.

Now if you’re feeling up to it, if any players come near you and not by your choice then you can choose to go aggressively. This one is a bit tricky but to do this you need to be confident in what you are doing. The danger to this is that when players are aggressive they can crash and burn. Be mindful on what to do so that you can capture enemy territories with ease.

Go for multiple sided areas

It is easy and safe to go for four sided territories like forming a square or rectangle shape area. One other way to go about it is that you can make a multiple sided area. The way to do this is to just turn and turn forming sides before you capture it as your own area. The idea to this is that it is a good defensive measure when enemy players are trying to capture your area. They’ll have a hard time doing some of those turns so they’ll crash and die but skilled players may bypass it.

Dealing with a territory dispute

Time will come when you have to fight over a territory or when you and another player are near each other. The best way to deal with this is to just move away from them but be careful as they can attack you at any moment. When you feel confident, you can attack them and win the territory dance as the game calls it but it comes with risks as well.

Guide your snake and cover a lot of areas with the help of our hack, cheats, tips and guide.


  1. soooo that is how my friends got so many coins, lol thanks for mentioning highly appreciate that.

    Easy 10k coins first try

  2. you know it says missions and im still trying to figure out what does that skull mean I’ve been trying to figure it out so please help

  3. I must be missing something. What good are the coins? I see you can buy other icons but what good is that? Are some icons faster than others? Just trying to figure out why the coins are important.

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