Pac-Man Pop Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Pac-Man is one of the most recognizable icons in the videogame world. While his franchise is somewhat a bit stagnant right now, Pac-Man is still making waves and people are still playing the older games. That of course leads us to Pac-Man Pop a game for mobile devices. The game itself is a bit different from the Pac-Man games. It doesn’t have elements of being a maze game but it is still a puzzle game. Players launch their coloured bubbles to pop other bubbles of the same colour. It is a Pac-Man game so you also have to deal with the Ghosts from time to time but let’s get into our Pac-Man Pop hack, cheats, tips and guide.

pac-man pop hack, cheats, tips and guide

Pop those bubble patterns

Popping bubbles is the objective but you need to use ammo of the same colour to pop the bubbles of the same colour. Now you get random coloured bubbles so when there are bubbles that have a pattern or are clustered together, then just pop them first when you can. Popping bubbles in a huge cluster can mean that you can get more points and clear the level much faster. Keep in mind that in the later levels, the bubbles drop down much faster so you need to clear them much faster.

Mastering shooting and physics

When you pop the bubbles you need to be accurate when it comes to hitting them. You may think it’s easy but it usually wouldn’t be. Just one wrong angle and you’ll probably hit that yellow bubble with your blue one. This goes back to our tip above where you have to aim for bubbles that are in clusters. You can change the ammo when you have more available so make those shots count. The other thing you can consider is physics. Don’t worry as it isn’t very advanced physics. You can bounce of the bubbles from the sides making like a ricochet shot. This is ideal when the bubble you would want to pop is on the corner and not so much on the middle. Just finding the right angle to shoot is ideal so that the bubble will bounce off in the angle that you would want.

Get rid of those pesky Ghosts

Ghosts are of course the staple Pac-Man enemies. In the game, the Ghosts are usually on the background. They don’t pose a threat when they are just there. Then again when they come on screen they will try to pop some of those bubbles causing you to lose some points and get a high rating. Now you should deal with those Ghosts when they come but you need to do it efficiently. Change the bubble when you wouldn’t need the color yet. Save the bubble that you would want to use for those clusters. You need to get rid of Ghosts but do it in a way that you’re not wasting ammo or losing points.

Pac-Man Pop is all about getting those bubbles popped but you need to deal with the Ghosts as well so make sure to use this Pac-Man Pop hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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