Not Not A Brain Buster Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Not Not a Brain Buster is a game that challenges your mind and speed. You simply to the direction that you would want your character to move like up, down, left and right. The trick here though is that the instructions can be a bit confusing and you have a time limit. Try to beat as many levels as you can with the help of our Not Not a Brain Buster hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Not Not A Brain is available on both iOS and Android.

Pay attention

Not Not a Brain Buster tests your mind but the thing that you need to do always is to pay attention to the instructions on where you should swipe. You would be lucky if you’re just given directions to swipe to the direction or where the color might be. However in cases where they use the Not or Not Not words, you just have to understand it. Not basically means anywhere but that directions. Not Not means that direction. It can be confusing but just pay attention and you’ll be fine.

You do need speed

Paying attention is good but when push comes to shove you need to be fast as well. In some points the game tells you to go faster and the time limit per swipe goes down which is annoying but a little practice and speed can help you with that.

Start with the easy levels

There are easy levels where you should start with. Once you complete them, you have a chance to unlock the medium and hard ones. Now that sounds good and tempting but it is ideal to just stick to the easier levels before going for the harder ones. Think of them as training for something better. If you’re confident with your skills then by all means go for the harder levels so to speak.

A heart for a continue

In some of the levels you get to play for a lot of rounds. Lets say in one level you get to play only 10 rounds but in the later levels you do as many as 50. Now don’t worry as you have hearts that allow you to continue in case you fail a level. The thing to remember is that you should use the continue when you’ve progress far. If you just failed after 6 rounds or even 10 out of 50 then just go back to the start to save on hearts.

Daily rewards and endless mode

You can login for daily rewards but the trick here is that the rewards refresh after 12 hours. Basically you can get two rewards per day if you time it right. If you’re feeling good with your skills then it is best to hit the endless mode for more rewards and others assuming you get far.

Just be patient

Not Not a Brain Buster is indeed a tricky game and can be frustrating at times. Just remain calm and be patient. Instead of getting angry at the game, relax and finish the levels with a calm mind or just get back to it later.

You need insight and speed to solve the puzzles but better yet use Rouen Gamers’ Not Not A Brain Buster hacks, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers. 

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