My NBA 2K17 Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

The NBA 2K series is one of the renowned 2K series when it comes to sports. There are a lot of games under its belt but most of these games have been released for videogame consoles and PC. Mobile gaming has also had its share of 2K games like My NBA 2K 17. Now if you would want to get better at the game take a look at our My NBA 2K17 hack, cheats, tips and guides.

my nba 2k17 hack, cheats, tips and guide

Building your deck

Players can have a maximum of 200 cards. One ideal thing to do first is to reach that cap but most players normally don’t. The reason for this is so that you can have a wide selection of characters that you can use. One other reason is that before you max your 200 card deck, you can get rarer cards before you reach the limit. Then finally you can increase you progress bar on your current tier by upgrading them in a batch.

Once you have reach the maximum number or even not yet, you can slowly start training your characters to help them reach maximum level. Different characters have different levels so you can choose to max out those that have smaller levels first so that you can have some good cards on your deck. Once you have max a sufficient number of character cards, then you can proceed with other things before you lose your cards.

Winning games and the seasons

You can start by keeping characters in their preferred positions. The reason for this is that if you have a good card for that position then they get stat bonuses. You would only end up not using a character on that position when you have nothing else to put on it. The other reason is that you have a rare card that can perform better on that position compared to other cards.

When it comes to winning games here’s a nice little trick to do. When you’re playing game modes like Quick Games and Blacktop Challenge, it is ideal to challenge enemies that are on the same tier or lower than yours. This allows you to take advantage of how possibly strong and better your deck is. When you are actually playing, send your weakest cards first as mostly the enemy AI would send its weaker cards first.

When it comes to winning seasons, you need to have a good lineup before competing it. Now of course you also need a fully charged energy meter so that you can finish the season. Just place your strong cards and win the season.

Playing Blacktop Challenge

The Blacktop Challenge is a good way to earn VP. This goes back to what we said about building your deck. Use some of your best cards when playing this Blacktop Challenge. That way you can get those points and have higher chances of getting better cards.

Using the Auction House

The Auction House could be a hit or a miss. There isn’t a real need to be using it but if you really have a card you would want then you can partake in bidding in them. Then again most of the time you can just end up getting a better card even without using the Auction House but it’s still your own choice to do so.

My NBA 2K17 is proving to be a game that is good with its concept and our My NBA 2K17 hack, cheats, tips and guides is here to help.

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