Monsu 2 Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Monsu 2 is a sequel to the first game. It is a monster 2D runner game. It isn’t an endless runner game so that’s good in a sense. You just have to complete different levels that have different challenges to it. Make sure to collect cards that you can use in the levels. Get those power ups and use them on your next run. The game can be tricky but with the help of our Monsu 2 hack, cheats, tips and guide you can get things done with ease.

Monsu 2 is available on both iOS and Android.

Pay attention to your main monster

In Monsu 2 you can have more than one monsters. We are jumping a bit ahead here but later on when you have more than one monster dashing through, just focus on your main monster. You don’t need to worry about the other monsters since they are invulnerable. They won’t be hit by enemies and they won’t fall to pit falls. Just focus and tap on your main monster when playing the game and keep it alive for the most part.

Utilize your jump

Your best arsenal is to jump. Using your jump is a good idea to avoid pit falls and enemies. You don’t have to kill all the enemies unless you’re fighting with bosses. Use that jump to get ahead. You can also utilize a double jump in the process. Just be careful when double jumping as you may end up falling when you land.

Collect more monster cards

Now going back to those other monsters. You can unlock more monster cards later on. These monsters will join you in your run. Just as we stated, they won’t die and they can be beneficial for you later on. Each monster has specific abilities that can aid you in a run. There might be some levels where some assist monsters will be more useful than most. Just swap out those monsters later on when you keep failing a level and it is time to get or use another monster.

Pick up power ups

One of the power ups that you can use are those assist monsters. They maybe running with you but the way to use them is to pick up a power up that corresponds to that monster’s ability. There are some monsters that passively use their abilities. There are other power ups that you can pick up like a shield, speed booster and many more.

Dealing with the bosses

Monsu 2 has some bosses for you to deal with. It is very straight forward to defeat bosses where you just pick up those items on the field that will attack the bosses. Just pay attention to the path and make sure to keep your monster alive otherwise you start back again. You can also capture bosses and use them as your assist monsters. Different bosses can be taken and some of them can’t be. Just be mindful on who you can get and use.

Dash with your monsters with the help of Rouen Gamers’ Monsu 2 hack, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers. 


  1. This Game is fun, Now seems to me that it’s gonna be more fun after cheats and hacks 😀 thanks for sharing admin

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