MonstroCity: Rampage Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

MonstroCity: Rampage is mixture of strategy and simulation. The simulation aspect is where you need to build your city up. The structures will help you generate some nice resources and research more monsters. Speaking of monsters you can collect different DNA to make up your monsters. The strategy part goes to when you will control your monsters to cause a rampage onto enemy players’ cities. Go and wreak and wreck some havoc with the use of our MonstroCity: Rampage hack, cheats, tips and guide.

MonstroCity: Rampage is available on both iOS and Android.

Start with your city

When you first play MonstroCity: Rampage you get treated to a quick tutorial. You can’t attack other players right away so make sure to start with your city’s growth for now. Start with the resource structures so that you can harvest them on a timely manner. Then go for those structures that improve your monsters and then the defenses. When you have the chance to upgrade your structures make sure to do so to get more benefits from them. You can go later for the aesthetics as well when you have enough done already.

Play the single player first

You won’t be able to attack other players for the initial time. You can go for the single player campaign first. You’re tasked into taking down Dr. Spotnik and his different locations. Doing the single player can reward you with some nice items and resources.

Get more Monsters

The monsters are your troops for the game. You can unleash a couple of them when you do some raid to other players. You can research more monsters but collecting different kinds of DNA is needed to get the monster coming and growing. Speaking of growing you need to make your monsters stronger and make them evolve. Keep in mind that different monsters have different attributes, styles, properties and others that make them effective or ineffective in battle. You should also try and experiment swapping different kinds of monsters or you can just stick to a few of them but collecting them is the way to go.

Set your defenses for success

Going on the offense is good but there are times when you need to be on defense. In order to do this you need to set your city’s defenses well. One thing you need to do is place the important structures in an area where it takes the enemy monsters a long time to get through. Place the unimportant structures on the outside to act as diversions. Then produce your troops to act as the protective units like the police and others. Carve out that road so that they can arrive and protect the city for as long as possible.

Play with your friends

When you play with friends you can have a friendly game in MonstroCity: Rampage. You can also make your own Syndicate on an island. This is basically a group of players that can group up and participate in those Syndicate wars. You can also just join a Syndicate when you don’t have anyone else.

Go and let your monsters have a rampage with the help of Rouen Gamers’ MonstroCity: Rampage hack, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers

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