Monstergotchi Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Monstergotchi sounds familiar but only the name. It is a combination of the words monster and tamagotchi. The tamagotchi is a classic game where you raise a virtual pet. You feed it and do everything you need with a pet. In this game you raise a virtual monster. Raising it is one thing, you can then pit it against other monsters in a classic 2D turn based battle. Raising a monster is tough so make sure to use our Monstergotchi hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Monstergotchi is available on iOS.

Building your monster

It isn’t called Monstergotchi when you don’t have a monster. It can be a good little experiment when you make a monster. Your monster can be made up of different parts. These parts would be the head, arms, torso and legs. Instinctively you would want to build a monster that will be able to take on future battles. The thing that you can do for the first time is just make a balance monster. Later on you can build a monster that is based on speed or power so for the time being just focus on having a balanced one,

Your daily quests

Daily quests change on a daily basis. If you feel like you can’t complete some of them, then just continue on to another one. These quests change the next day so be sure to check them everyday. They are optional but they have some nice rewards to give you when you would want to.

Taking on your opponent

When you tackle on your opponent, you’re not always guaranteed an easy fight. It would be nice though when you happen to get easy fights most of the time. Now when you happen to get a fight that can be a bit difficult then you need to be a bit tactical about it. It isn’t always about brute strength although most of the time it does fall to that. When your enemy is a bit stronger than most enemies, what you need to do is to analyze your opponent’s weakness. Try to take advantage of it to at least have a chance of winning.

A little action command

When you do battles in Monstergotchi you just input the basic commands when fighting. However when you’re lucky enough you can get an action command that will appear. These action commands pop up on random and you have the chance to click on them. Clicking on these action commands allow you to deal more damage or something else. Just make sure to pay attention to when these action commands may appear so that you can fully use them and take advantage of your enemies.

A healthy monster is a good monster

One nice little thing you can do is to improve your monster’s health. Putting your attribute points into health is a nice little investment. It doesn’t only increase your monster health’s but increases the monster’s healing properties as well. Just make sure not to invest it all on health but maybe a lot of it.

Raise that monster to make it tough with the help of Rouen Gamers’ Monstergotchi hacks, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers. 

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