Monster Truck Racing Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Monster Trucks are those vehicles that have very big wheels. A monster truck can be used for transportation as well but most people find entertainment when they crush other cars. You can now have some fun racing with these vehicles in Monster Truck Racing. The game is basically a racing game but instead of having cars we have monster trucks in the mix. Racing is racing but to make things easier use our Monster Truck Racing hack, cheats, tips and guide.

monster trucks racing hack cheats tips guide

Monster trucks is available on both iOS.

Get used to the controls

The game gives you a tutorial session so if you’re playing the game for the first time make sure not to skip it and pay attention. Then again the controls aren’t hard to find out but can be hard to master. We’re saying that because the game also applies some physics mechanics to it. It isn’t just tap the button to make the monster truck move. You have to tap the left or right directions so that your monster truck doesn’t topple over. If you move to fast then your truck can bend forward. There are small terrains that allow you to fly at the air so make sure you land on your base otherwise your monster truck can get damaged. Just get used to the controls so that you can drive and breeze by the courses.

Grab a lot of Coins

There are a lot of Coins located in the race tracks. There are some points where you miss them so don’t worry as you can get more later on. Coins are useful as they can be used for unlocking more Monster Trucks. You don’t have to spend real money when it comes to getting more Coins.

Replay some tracks

When you’ve finished older tracks it is ideal to play them again and again. The reason is that you can get a little bit of practice to get better at controls and prepare for future races and tracks. Another reason is for the Coins. Just as we stated at the top, Coins can be missed but when you play the tracks again you have the chance of getting those Coins as all of them will regenerate. Now here is a nice little tip for getting Coins. When you find a track that has a lot of Coins then replay those tracks. It allows you to gather a lot of Coins but you have to finish the track to get those Coins as you can’t just quit half way.

Buy and upgrade Monster Trucks

One of the things that you can do is unlock more Monster Trucks and upgrade them with the use of your Coins. The thing about Monster Trucks is that they have different aesthetics and stats. A truck maybe effective in one track due to the terrain and another may not be as effective. Be sure to upgrade the trucks that you have and buy the ones that you can afford and need.

Racing with big wheels can grant a bit of a challenge so use our Monster Truck Racing hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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