Monster Super League Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide


Monster Super League is one of the best looking monster based RPGs. It looks so cute and beautiful that you would want to play it over and over again. Now of course looks aren’t everything as the gameplay is also what makes it good and somewhat challenging but not to worry as we have our Monster Super League hack, cheats, tips and guides.

monster super league hack, cheats, tips and guide

Getting Gold

Gold is really vital in the game especially in the later parts of the game. Upgrading and buying stronger Astromons would be much more expensive. Thankfully there are ways for you to get more Gold with these tricks.

When you complete missions, you get Gold as one of the rewards. It is ideal to complete all of your daily quests as they refresh the next day and you can get tons of Gold from them.

You can also sell some of your Astrogems and Gems when you are in dire need of Gold. When it comes to Gems you can get them with ease as they aren’t too rare.

You can also go tot he Special Package Menu every time you hit specific levels. These Packages can contain Gold piles that reach from around 50,000 to 400,000 in Gold alone.

You can also choose to add more friends as you can get Gold when doing so as well as bonuses when you have a lot of friends.

Getting Astrogems

One way is by completing the fourth mission of each chapter as they always grant you some Astrogems. You can also complete Weekly quests and other types like capture quests, daily quests and challenges. Then finally, when you capture a new Astromon which isn’t in your Astroguide yet, take a look at its details. You can get free Astrogems by simply doing so.

Knowing your elements

Each Astromon has a specific role and element alignment. The element rock, paper scissors mechanic is really simple to follow in the game. You need to take advantage of this so that you can dispatch enemies on a whim. You also need to watch out as most enemies will abuse and target your monsters’ weaknesses as well.

Matching your Gems with your Astromons

Gems are really useful as they can boost your Astromon’s stats and other traits. You need to sync up your Astromon’s set with the Gems that you will use them with. Let’s say you have a Astromon that fills the tank role. You can use Gems that increase their defense. You’re not really required to do so but maximizing the combinations as well as the Gems will give good results. One other thing to remember is that each Astromon has their own specific set regardless if they are the same type.

Set Variants as Leaders and have a healer

Variants are special type monsters. It is ideal for them to be the team leader as they have Leader Skills that can only be used when they are the team leader. You also need to have a healer or a recovery Astromon in the later stages of the game. You can still survive the early stages by getting those red orbs but it is vital to have at least one Astromon healer in your team.

Monster Super League is a very engaging game that lets you raise Astromons get you in the heat of battle and use our Monster Super League hack, cheats, tips and guides.

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