Monkey Ropes Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Monkey Ropes is an interesting endless runner type of game. You have two monkeys roped together. You just tap on the screen with the right pressure to make one monkey jump. The interesting part is that you alternate monkeys when you move them. The hazards of any other endless runner is always there where they have to kill your monkey to end the run. When you still have your monkeys hanging then you can still continue but to help you continue further you can use our Monkey Ropes hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Money Ropes is available on both iOS and Android.

Keep your buddy around

In Monkey Ropes, you have two monkeys as we already mentioned. Now the only ways your run will end is when one of the monkeys will hit a hazard like a spike, enemy and others. Even if one of your monkeys are hit then the run ends. The other one is when both of your monkeys will fall down a pit. Even if one of your monkeys are hanging, you can still continue the run. However this can hurt you as well as the other monkey can be added weight when you jump. The other thing is that if the monkey on the opposite end hits a hazard, the run will end. Make sure to take good care of your monkeys especially the one on the opposite end to keep your run going.

Take your time

Before making jumps, you have to know the right pressure to how you would tap. If you haven’t gotten the hang of it yet, then take your time. Try to estimate your jumps and keep in mind that other monkey is trying to drag you down. Don’t worry if that other monkey is still hanging, just take all the time that you need.

Pay attention to the exclamation mark

When you see a red exclamation mark showing in front, that means an enemy like a bird is moving towards you. We go back to where you can take your time. When you are able to do so, stop when you see the exclamation mark and let the enemy pass through. Most enemies pass through one time and they won’t be coming back unless a new enemy comes forth so just pay attention to the exclamation mark ahead.

Explore a little

While Monkey Ropes is an endless runner type of thing, there are parts where you can explore. There are secret spots so to speak that you can explore. Going back to where you can take your time, you don’t have to rush moving forward as there is no time limit as well as there is nothing chasing you from behind. Try to explore some areas like treetops, caves and many more. These places may hold some more coins and many more that you can use.

Use your coins

There is very little in terms of rewards in the game but rather the replay value speaks for itself. You can use your coins in buying those mystery chests that you can open. The other thin is that you can charge up your reward box the farther you get in each run so just keep that in mind.

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