Mobius Final Fantasy Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

The Final Fantasy series is one of the leading videogame franchises as has been around for nearly three decades. Mobius Final Fantasy is one of their offerings for mobile devices. The game is a third person action game using elements of the FF series. It puts you in a magical world allowing you to fight and build up your character. You also get to meet Final Fantasy series characters later on. The thing to remember is that you always have to start and our Mobius Final Fantasy hack, cheats, tips and guide.

mobius final fantasy hack cheats tips guide

You can download Mobius Final Fantasy on both Appstore and Google Playstore.

Using your Magicite

Any long time FF player knows that Magicite is the one that is used to summon Espers in the older games and these Magicites have that crystal look to them. In Mobius, Magicite is the special currency which can get through the Magicite Generator. The thing to remember is that these Generators cap up to 100 Magicite so harvest them before they can. Use the Magicite as well before it expires in 14 days.

Prioritize the cards you want to level up

In your deck, you will see on the left side an experience bonus. Put a card here that you would want to level up much faster. Just remember to swap that card out once it has already reached maximum level so that another card can benefit from the experience bonus.

Your ideal deck

Building your deck can be tricky but the thing to remember is that you should have at least one element card of a different kind. The purpose for this is so that when you face enemies with different elemental weaknesses you get to use some of them in battle.               It can be a bit problematic if you’re card selections are few for specific elements and most of them are weak so get as many cards as you can as well.

Skillseeds and fusion

Each card has a specific number of skillseeds. When you would want to increase this you need to fuse cards. Fusing cards have some kind of chance to them which you can see. This is ideal since you don’t want to fuse when the chance rate of success is small. Make sure to go for fusions that have a high chance of success in the process.

Battle like a master

Here are some tips when it comes to battling. Just like we said earlier having the right set of elemental cards can help you during the boss battles. One other trick is to take advantage of the Break status. When you’re fighting a boss or a tough enemy, it is ideal to Break them first. When they are under the Break status, make sure to use attacks that they are weak to as enemies will be taking more damage during Break. Finally use the elemental drive as well. This is good as you are using your elemental card where the enemy under Break is weak to. Using the opposing card which is mostly the enemy’s affinity will increase your resistance to the attacks making you survive longer.

Final Fantasy games always have that challenge to them and our Mobius Final Fantasy hack, cheats, tips and guide will help you get good.

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