Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Mini Warriors is a cute and exciting RPG by Triniti Interactive that lets you collect characters, level them up, and bring them to successful missions to earn bonuses and items! Strategize and direct your troops to victory by taking on your opponents’ equally skilled and powerful men! Exciting and generous in giving rare and common currency, you will surely enjoy powering your troops up and purchasing various boosts and equipment for your team. Itching to start yet? Read our Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms hack and cheats list to help you navigate the adventure map!

mini warriors three kingdoms hack, cheats, tips and guide

Upgrade your squad!

This is quite possibly the most important thing that you can do. So save those precious gems and coins to periodically improve each of your heroes’ skills, level them up, and send them to successful battles against tougher foes. Gems and coins can be collected when you finish missions. Aside from upgrading your heroes’ stats, you must also increase the number of their members per troop. This is a great way to improve your total damage points and overpower your enemies as well.

Collect different types of heroes!

Swordsmen and archers are excellent for physical attacks, but you also need heroes who could deal or heal status ailments and magic attacks. Initially, you will be given one- to two-star heroes that you can upgrade. However, you can always try going to the Tavern, to see if you can score a 3- or 4-star hero in exchange for a goblet. Don’t use up all of your goblets at once, since they are quite rare. Each character has different attributes and skills. Two swordsmen may have different attributes, so make sure to study your heroes carefully to take advantage of what they can do in battles.

Squad positioning is important!

Right before you send your troops to battle, make sure that they are placed in the right position. Make sure to place them head-on against the right type of enemy troops. And always remember to place your archers at the back of a strong offensive group. They deal great damage but are extremely weak against physical attacks by the enemies. Place Calvary units in front, to immediately attack your enemies’ troops at the back.

Defend your archers and musketeers!

These are the ones that you’ll probably place at the back of the army. However, these are also vulnerable to Calvary units because as previously mentioned, these units attack the farthest away from them. Swarm them with farmer militias or summon a skill to decrease their defence or to increase your offence as soon as a level starts.

Equip your men!

Equip your soldiers with awesome weapons, armours, and accessories to improve their HP, attack power, and defence. Also, each of your heroes has a special skill that you can level up as well. Rings and necklaces also contribute to your heroes’ attributes. Don’t forget to equip new items immediately.


Some bonus levels may be re-played over and over to earn those awesome scrolls and EXP books for upgrades and boosts. So don’t hesitate to play again if the button permits, otherwise, just hit the “next level” to proceed playing your bonus levels or return home if you’re done for the day. Play daily for extra bonus points!

These are all for our Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms hack and cheats! Hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to comment below if you need to add more hints and tips!

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