Mini Metro: Controlling the Subways

mini metro

Mini Metro is a puzzle game previously released in 2014. The good news is that the developers Dinosaur Polo Club, will be porting the game to iOS and Android some time this year.Mini Metro is a puzzle game where it involves the player making a series of subways. The commuters will ride on the subway trains to get to their destination. The further in the game you get means the more commuters and a bigger network of tunnels and trains to manage. Players also have to make train tracks through rivers and other terrains. The main emphasis of course is being a puzzle game. This means that you really have to manage those rails so that your trains and commuters get to their destination.

The mobile port for the game will contain different modes like Normal, Extreme and Endless. Normal is basically the game on default. Extreme gives players more challenge when it comes to the size and hazards. Then Endless mode starts off being simple and elevates is difficulty as the game goes by and keep in mind that this is an endless game. The main gameplay mechanic from the original version to the mobile port will primarily be the same. In terms of the aesthetics the game looks the same so that’s always a good thing as well. More details of the upcoming port will be explained but you can always play the PC version of Mini Metro when you can’t wait for it to come to mobile devices.

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