Mini DAYZ Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Mini DAYZ is a take on the popular PC game DAYZ. The game is basically a zombie survival game in third person view and 3D. This game is more like an overhead game using pixelated graphics and that’s not a bad thing of course. Explore the world, find different items and encounter zombies and other enemies along your path. Use our Mini DAYZ hack, cheats, tips and guide to get farther into the game and more.

Mini DAYZ is available on both iOS and Android.

Where you need to go

Mini DAYZ has some kind of element of being an open world. When you start a new game, you are randomly brought to a different area of the map. You maybe confused on where to go and the thing to remember is that the map layout changes whenever you start a new game. Your first priority is to find a town. One way to do it is when you spawn near the shoreline, better go to the opposite direction as a town will be likely there. When you also find a road, follow the road and it will lead you to a town.

Try to avoid fighting for now

When you just started playing, you won’t have a lot of items to start with so try to avoid fighting with zombies until then. Try to run away for now so that you won’t get attacked and die. You can get back to them later on so be sure to avoid it for now when you don’t have the right equipment yet.

Handling your equipment

When it comes to equipment you can get different articles of clothing. The thicker the clothes the better they are. Weapons as well are the same as you can get them when you’ve done a lot of exploring. That is why you should try to explore a lot of the areas especially car trunks, garbage cans and many more. One other thing that you can do with your unused clothes is that you can disassemble them. That way you can use the cloths for other things like making bandages and others.

Building up your character

Whenever you gain enough experience, you can always learn perks. Perks are like passive abilities that you can take to improve your character. Depending on how you play would determine on how you can learn your perks. Like there are those that try to avoid fighting and go for a more exploration build. Hence hey learn perks that improve their movement speed and others. Build up your character to the way that you would want them to be.

Survival nourishment

In Mini DAYZ survival is everything. One way you can survive is by eating. You can get some nice little scraps of food so you can get the nourishment that you need. When you happen to find rice fields then it can help a lot as well as you can grow rice on your own. Remember to put some protection like fences around your camp whenever you’re not out exploring.

Survive this pixelated zombie apocalypse with the help of Rouen Gamers’ Mini DAYZ hack, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers.

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