Mascot Dunks Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Do you know that the NBA’s Dunking Contest is coming up along with their NBA all star game? This is the perfect time to play some basket, don’t you think? If it is for you, then Mascot Dunks is a perfect game to cure your thirst for some serious basketball dunks. Developed by Crimson Pine Games, Mascot Dunks is fairly difficult and addictive, don’t worry, we will guide you through our Mascot Dunks hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide.

Mascot Dunks is available on iOS.

About to hit the hoop? Cancel the dunk then

Well, who would have thought right? Dunks are not the most important in Mascot Dunks. Not only that, you should try to get a failed dunks sometime.

Here is the case, occasionally, if you are unlucky enough to land on the far right of the last platform, you might hit the hoop. And that would be a game over for you. In this case, you should cancel the dunk by tapping on the screen. You won’t get any points but at least you can redo it again, you then can do it again for a better chance. So sometime, losing is winning, don’t risk it.

Some benefit of buying a VIP

Obviously, the first benefit goes to the developers, and kudo to who does for supporting the devs. The benefit you receive is quite attractive as well, 50% price off for 1 mascot of yours, free revival for your character and last but not least, ads removed. These are some nice bonuses that you can take advantage off.

Have trouble landing on platforms? Here is the trick

Not sure if it is only me, but i don’t like canceling my dunks too often, i tend to aim for perfect landing all the time. Benefit of perfect landing will be explained in the next section.

The hack is using shadow of your character to aim, the shadow will be a bit to the left side of your character. So don’t wait too long to tap, just a little bit is good enough to hit 10/10 everytime, and yes i hit it 10/10 with this strategy :).

How to get more characters in Mascot Dunks

Unlike most games, new characters don’t bring in any new features for your gameplay, but it is always fun to try something new. There are a few ways to get more characters:

Pay to unlock: this is the most obvious solution, just pay with your real money to get more characters, but if you don’t want to do that, you still can unlock more characters.

Use coins to get random ones: It will be 100% random, so you will need quite a lot of coins to get more coins.

Free mascots: you can get free mascots by liking Mascots Dunks’s Social Media, you can’t do this often but it works.

For tips to earn more coins, please check the next section.

Some nice methods to earn free coins in Mascot Dunks

Perfect landing: will reward you extra coins, but things are not that easy. The deeper you go, the harder it gets. So make sure you get perfect landings on all early stages and take all those coins goodies. It is honestly not that hard to get perfect landings early on.

Watch Ads: 100 coins for watching 30s ads is easy and attractive as hell, i think you should spend more time on this, easy coins after all.

Timed reward: they will reward you this occasionally, so you should pay attention and keep your eyes on them.

It is just a game, so relax

I highly suggest you not to take this game too seriously, sometime it can turn extremely intimidating and annoying. So take some breaks, do something different when the game turns frustrating.

Thanks for reading guys, we hope you like Rouen Gamers’ Mascot Dunk Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide. Please feel free to leave your input in the comment section below.

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