MARVEL Tsum Tsum Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Looking for a cutesy match up game for your kids to play? Marvel Tsum Tsum is a spin-off of a similar Disney game that your little ones will surely enjoy! This game lets you play match up in a circular container with a stack of Marvel heroes’ heads. This makes the “table” a lot more irregular and unpredictable once you match and pop a number of heroes’ heads. Here is our Marvel Tsum Tsum hack and cheats to help you get started!

marvel tsum tsum hack, cheats, tips and guide

Match more than five faces!

This game is a very simple and relaxing game and the Marvel faces align purely out of random. However, matching more than 5 faces at a time will really unlock the boosts and Tsums!

Use the big Tsums!

Take down a portion of the board/table by popping the big Tsums. Match them with the appropriate tsums and clear an area. Moreover, this will allow all the other smaller ones to align better and to give you longer match combinations. More points for you to earn! If you were not able to match the bigger Tsums, then worry not because bigger points will be credited to you at the end of each level. Your big tsums will automatically be paired with smaller tsums on the table as a bonus!

Aim for three stars!

Earning perfect stars can be a bit tricky, but it’s certainly possible. If you want to enjoy the game without feeling pressured, then don’t think about earning a high score at the onset. However, as you go further into the game, you’ll quickly realise that earning perfect stars is one of the things that draws people to games of this genre. So, yes, you can be a little obsessive about getting three stars each time.

Level-up and grind!

If you really can’t, for the life of you, get those three stars, then don’t get stuck on one level. Just move forward and go back once you think that you can already clear that level satisfactorily.

Mega charge!

Once you’ve matched up a good number of smaller tsums, you’ll notice that you will hit a fever mode, called Mega charge. This mode has a multiplier effect so all the points, bonuses, bombs, and boosts will work better if you use them at the right moment!

Try not to use up your orbs on useless items.

Use your orbs only to collect your tsum tsums and not for anything else. Don’t save a failed game in exchange for orbs, since you can always go back to that level and re-play again.

Detonate boosts and big Tsums at the middle!

This is just the optimal way of using them. Bombs at the end or edges of the table will only take out a layer of tsums on top, whereas if they were set off in the middle, you will take out a bigger portion of the board.

Improve your skills!

Your skills are important for use in battle. They can help you take down an enemy within the required period of time.

Hope you enjoyed our Marvel Tsum Tsum hack and cheats! Comment below if you have more tips and strategies to share!

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