Mars: Mars Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Mars Mars is a nice interesting game where you control an astronaut jumping from one platform to another without landing on the ground. Then of course there are more obstacles and features as you get farther into the game. Make sure to jump while saving your fuel in the process but what’s better is that you can use our Mars: Mars hack, cheats, tips and guide to let you become a jet packing master.

Mars mars hack, cheats, tips and guide

Mars: Mars is available on both iOS and Android.

Use your jet pack sparingly

When you would want to move, you tap the screen depending on the direction. Using your jet pack does sap your fuel but it refills when you land on the platform. One thing you can do is use your sparingly by boosting up high. When you land you have to make sure that you land on the platform hence you have to navigate your way to it plus your fuel will be saved. The other part is that when you have left over fuel you can steer towards the platform with ease.

Just a few jet pack tricks you can do

Saving your fuel is one thing but of course there are some tricks that you can do about it. One trick you can do is to boost as high as possible but not use up all your fuel. When you land make sure that you hit the platform and descending is usually slower than going up. You can also go straight but by alternating the left and right boosters to head in a straight direction.

Take a look at the lights on the platform

When you jump off the platform and head to the next you would notice that there are lights glowing on those platforms.

When the light glows yellow, it means you have a steady speed and you have a nice chance of landing. When it is red, it means you’re going too fast so avoid doing that as you could crash even when you land on the platform. Just pay attention to the lights and jump on the platform as they can change at any moment so control is also key.

Try to make some combos

While landing safely and on point is the ideal thing to do, when you gain a mastery of using your jet pack, you should try some combos as well. Doing combos fill up your combo meter which is below your fuel meter above on the left side. Doing combos can be tricky as you need to make successive and successful jumps right away. Now again if you have mastery of landing then this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Doing these combos grant you some Coins which you can use to unlock more characters in the game. You don’t have to do this but those extra characters are pretty much welcome.

Jumping, boosting or jet packing around the planet Mars can be tricky but when you use our Mars: Mars hack, cheats, tips and guide you’ll be done in no time.

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