Lifeline: Whiteout Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Lifeline: Whiteout is another game in the Whiteout series. These games are a bit different in that they are classic text based games. These text based games existed a long time ago but Lifeline brings a different twist to them. The game has you help our survivor V. Adams into going back into civilization as he is in a frozen wasteland. The game relies on you making decisions and basing everything in real life time as well as doing real life activities. That sounds nice and interesting but you would need our Lifeline: Whiteout hack, cheats, tips and guide.

lifeline whiteout hack cheats tips guide

Lifeline: Whiteout is available on both iOS and Android.

Just play the game first

Everybody loves to look at guides right now kind of like you are at this moment. This game though is story driven so before reading tips or cheats on what you can do. It is ideal that you just play the game normally. Don’t look up on what the story is about or what is about to happen next. That way you can have some fun when it comes to the game.

Follow your feeling

You don’t always hear that phrase “follow your feeling” when it comes to playing a videogame since most of these games rely on logical results. When making decisions, you just follow your feeling. Most people try to find or analyze a good answer but the thing to remember is that there are no wrong decisions. Your guy won’t actually die if you make a wrong decision, his journey would be just delayed but he isn’t going anywhere. Just choose an answer that you feel is good and enough for you.

Invest some time in the game

When we say invest some time on the game, you don’t have to put a lot of it or play for long hours. The game relies on real time. There are times when the game tells you to go online again after 2 hours or something like that. Just make sure to list down the times that the game needs you to be online. Think of it as a part of life that you have to be somewhere you’re needed to be at. Just remember that you shouldn’t prioritize the game if you have something more important to do of course.

Replay the game and choose other decisions

Once you finally finish the game, its time to play it again but this time try to choose the different decisions. You don’t have to follow your feeling this time as you need to just choose the decisions that you didn’t make. There are sections where you are going to choose more than just two decisions. That means more things you can choose later on when you would want to replay the game as well. The story is good so these decisions may take you on a different route every time you choose them.

Text based games are somewhat boring for others but this one gives you the interest that you need. Then again it isn’t a very easy game so use our Lifeline: Whiteout hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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