Legendary: Game of Heroes Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Legendary: Game of Heroes is your typical puzzle matching game. It is set in a medieval and fantasy setting where it can be about dragons, myth and more. Legendary allows you to embark on a quest while playing the puzzle game mechanic. These puzzle games are also very tricky to play but don’t worry as we have our Legendary: Game of Heroes hack, cheats, tips and guide to help you get over it.

legendary game of heroes hack cheats tips and guide

You can download Legendary: Game Of Heroes here for iOS and here for Android.

Bring a healer card along always

While you can get healed with the use of Heart Gems, its always ideal to have a healer along with you. That is because some of the later levels will be harder hence relying on Heart Gems alone would not be enough. Bring a healer even if it not that strong. Just change it when you get a new and better healer card later on. The thing to remember is that using a healer card has a little cooldown to it so make sure to heal when you need to and save those Heart Gems for later on.

Limit your elemental heroes

Your heroes have distinct elemental properties. The game of course utilizes elemental properties where one can be weak or effective to the other. Before you head to a campaign, take a look at the castle and see what kind of enemies it has. Just like a red castle having a lot of Fire type enemies. Instinctively you would bring a lot of Water heroes but that should not be the case. Have at least one Water and the rest of the Heroes can be other elements. The thing about it is that having more Heroes of the same element can be tricky for you. Just remember to bring a diverse deck to survive longer in the campaigns.

Take it slow but accurate

The game has turn based elements which is good. The good thing is that you won’t have a time limit when you will launch an attack or match Gems. Take all the time that you would need so that you can finish and unleash combos much faster. The less turns you take means the more Stars you can get in your rating. Just analyze the situation and make sure to launch an attack.

A nice little chain trick

When you perform a chain, the Gems that don’t disappear go back into their position. However there is a nice little trick that you can do. However when you do a chain and your meter is counting down, the chain will end and the Gem will remain there. This is a neat trick if you would want to keep the Gem there since you have nothing to match it. Just remember to know when to use it so that you’ll have the edge.

Puzzle games are always a thrill especially when they use elements of magic, myth and fantasy. Playing the game with our Legendary: Game of Heroes hack, cheats, tips and guide will help you become Legendary.


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