Last Day on Earth: Zombie Survival Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

People believe that the world will end one day. While that isn’t anywhere near close, you can enjoy Last Day on Earth. It is a zombie apocalypse kind of game. Your goal is to get rid of zombies but most importantly you should survive. Fighting is one thing but you don’t always have to engage them when you don’t have to. The game uses an isometric view filled with action and slow paced gaming. Be sure to use our Last Day on Earth hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Last Day on Earth is available on both iOS and Android.

Gather first

Last Day on Earth is a zombie apocalypse game but you don’t need to jump into fighting zombies right away. In fact in some cases, you don’t have to fight them but just avoid them entirely so that you can conserve your resources. When you just start playing, it is best to gather resources, materials and others. You still gain levels when you just gather things plus you don’t really have a means of fighting zombies at the moment. Gather resources and improve your house and your items as well.

Do a lot of exploration

When you do gather things you need to explore areas. Just as we mentioned don’t bother fighting zombies early on. Plus if an area is filled with a lot of zombies then it is best to just avoid it otherwise you might die in the process. It can be tempting but these areas are risky for the time being. Explore every part of the area before proceeding because you don’t know you might be able to harvest a lot of items in that area alone. If there are no zombies in the area then it is best to take your time there. One of the places that you should spend some time exploring would be military bases. These places hold a lot of items and especially weapons that you can use later on. Remember that you can always go back to these places the next day as they can generate items again but maybe not as much as the previous ones. Explore all you can to get the most out of it.

Craft the essentials

Once you’ve done exploring and gathering, the next thing to do is to craft items that you can use. Earlier on your crafting prowess are limited so it is best to craft the essentials. Start with a box because it can hold a lot of items which is good. Then craft a campfire. That way you can cook your food much better and have more bonuses. If you can craft other items then that’s good but start with these two essentials first.

When fighting

Last Day on Earth of course has the battle or combat aspect. Here are just a few tips to follow and one of them is avoiding impossible battles. Like when you are horded by zombies, it is best to run rather than wasting ammo. One other thing is that you need to pay attention to the mini map. Red dots indicate zombies so choose to engage them if you want to. Then finally reach level 10 as fast as you can so that you can unlock more incentives

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