Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide is one of those games that carry the IO suffixes where it uses a grid and some kind of gimmick. Like how uses a snake and the grand daddy of them all being which uses circles. The concept of it to navigate your sign and capture an area for your own. Players can conquer your area which is why you have to defend and conquer and we’re going to help you with your hack, cheats, tips and guide.

landix io hack, cheats, tips and guide

Getting started

Depending on where you are playing you need to set your controls first. Controls aren’t too complicated but set them in a way that you are comfortable with. In some cases, the controls are by default so make sure you have an understanding of them. Now that you have the controls down, enter the game and upon starting move to direction you would want to go. If you die right away then you have an idea what the expect the next time that you spawn.

Head to the corners

Once you start, it is ideal to head to the corners. If they are taken then stay away from the middle area as possible. The purpose for this is when you are in the middle, you are susceptible to attacks in all areas. Whereas when you are in a corner like let’s say in the upper right, you just have to worry about being attacked from the left, bottom and bottom left. Once again if they are taken, head to the upper or lower ends to reduce the areas where you need to defend. Once you head to the designated area, capture it for your own.

Slowly expand your area

Once you’ve captured an area for yourself, it is ideal to expand slowly. Let’s say the area you have is a 4 x 20 grid. Most players are daring and would cover around 10 x 10 more after that. If you’re not to confident then just proceed to capture areas slowly like go for a 4 x 4 capturing method. This keeps you safe and at the same time lets you expand slowly in your area to make it bigger.

When to attack and defend

It is inevitable that your area will be captured. This is why before expanding further, you need to scout a bit if there are enemies near you. When you find one heading for you, then attack it right away to destroy it and their area as well. Now when you are in the defensive, then you focus more on defense and not so much on taking areas on the grid. You have to slow down some time to not lose whatever progress you already have. Keep in mind that enemies can also destroy you as well. When there aren’t many players then capture as much area as you can but remember to guard as well.

Playing is tricky but you have unlimited continues although you have to start from scratch but this is where these hack, cheats, tips and guide come in to help you.

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