Kubo: A Samurai Quest Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

One of the most anticipated animated movies of this year is Kubo and The Two Strings. Naturally like any hyped up movie, there would be eventually a videogame and we have it for mobile devices being Kubo: A Samurai Quest. The game is a puzzle game where the players have to match three different tiles in different directions. Let us help Kubo in becoming a master samurai with the game and to help you we have our Kubo: A Samurai Quest hack, cheats, tips and guide to help him.

kubo a samurai quest hack, cheats, tips and guide

Sharpen your eyes

You do need to be insightful of the tiles. It wouldn’t be too much of a problem if there was no timer and required score to move on to the next level. You should be sharp with your eyes to find tiles that match so you can switch them right away. The color patterns help so it makes things easier for you to do it.

Start from the bottom

Matching three tiles sounds easy but sometimes they can be confusing. That is why it is ideal to clear the tiles starting from the bottom. When you do start clearing from the bottom, the tiles will move down and you can find more patterns when doing so. One other thing is that when you do clear tiles from the bottom, there is a high chance of charms appearing which can be useful.

Using those Super Attacks

You can use your Origamis’ Super Attacks but using them should be sparingly and with the right time. Before you can use a Super Attack, you need to gather the right amount of charms. This is where the second tip comes in where you start off clearing tiles from the bottom to gain more charms so you can use them for your Super Attacks. One other thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to use your Super Attacks in all levels especially when you’re doing well.

Prepare yourself

This game is good but the difficulty will spike on the next levels. You will be starting off with simple objectives but in the next level your objectives will be greater than the previous one. In the score based levels just proceed with the usual being able to clear tiles as much as possible and get as many charms as you can.

In the story levels, the charms still come into play and are more heavily used here. Just use the charms that you can use and don’t use them when you wouldn’t need to. The combat levels are probably the hardest ones. That is because you will be mostly relying on your origamis and there really isn’t an actual way to power them up. You just need to be lucky or get more origamis that are indentical.

Samurais and puzzles can work together and of course ourKubo: A Samurai Quest hack, cheats, tips and guide will help you and Kubo go on the road to be a master samurai.

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