Kubik Ketchapp Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Tetris is one of the most popular games in the world. It is also one of the most basic games to play on any system and there have been a lot of variations to the gameover the years and of course Kubik Ketchapp is one of them. The game is much like Tetris but you can see it in a 3D view. You may think playing a variation of Tetris is easy but make it easier when using our Kubik Ketchapp hack, cheats, tips and guide.

kubik ketchapp hack cheats tips guide

Kubik Ketchapp is available on both iOS and Android.

No rotating blocks

In any game of Tetris you need to rotate a block so that it fits and forms lines. In this game you can’t rotate the blocks but rather the base. It is a 3D version so you need to find the side in which the blocks can be dropped forming the lines that you need. It adds a nice challenge but you need to be alert as well when dropping those blocks.

Time is against you

Dropping blocks and rotating the base is easy but time is not your friend. We’re not talking about a time limit but rather the longer the game goes the faster the blocks will drop. When that happens it is going to be a challenge for you. That is why in the beginning you can take advantage of the slow paced speed. When you also drop the blocks you’ll see the green spaces as to where the blocks will drop. The green spaces can still be handy when the pace goes faster so that if you can’t see green spaces then you can quickly rotate the base to find a green space. Just be sure to be fast on your reflexes when the game goes faster.

One at a time or pile them up

One of the most satisfying when playing old school Tetris was making those double, triple, quadruple and Tetris lines. You basically just line up and pile up the blocks until you wait for that ideal block that you can land on the gap and make those lines. In the game it isn’t a single line so you can have a lot of chances making those line combos work. It can be risky as blocks drop randomly so you may not get the block that you need. It is ideal to do this when the game is still slow.

Now other people just go for one at a time. Basically when they have the blocks to form a line then they go for it. This is good to do when you’re on the later part of the game when the blocks are falling faster. You reduce the risk of getting piled up and getting eliminated. In summary go for piles at the start and go for one by one at the end.

Careful on your taps

When rotating the base you just swipe the screen from left to right or vice versa. However there is a feature that allows you to drop the blocks right away. In classic games they just press the down button but you can’t swipe down on the screen to drop the blocks. Double tapping on the screen allows this feature. Be careful when tapping on the screen as you may drop a block when you wouldn’t want to.

Tetris type games can be easy but with our Kubik Ketchapp hack, cheats, tips and guide you can get better at this game.

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