Knights Fight: Medieval Arena Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

In the middle ages when magic, dragons and of course knights existed they had to pass the time in some way. Knights when they’re not saving fair maidens are in the arena fighting. The game allows you to control your knight fighting in the arena against other knights. It is basicaly like any kind of fighting game using a third person perspective. It’s time to get your equipment together and hit the arena to fight other knights for rewards and our Knights Fight hack, cheats, tips and guide will help you get the job done.

knights fight medieval arena hack, cheats, tips and guide

Fight AI or people

The game of course allows people to play against computer AI and even actual players online. There really isn’t much of a difference when it comes to what you can gain when you play against AI or people. It boils down to when you would want to play for fun or competitively. Fighting online is also a good experience when you want to amp up the difficulty.

Be precise

One of the things that you have to be mindful of are the movement and delays of your attacks. Unlike most fighting games, Knights Fight is a bit slow paced and focuses more on execution rather than mashing buttons. That is why before you use a move, make sure that you are free to suffer from the delay. That is because when you miss landing an attack, the enemy can take advantage of it and attack you. Knowing the delay of your attacks is vital so that you won’t suffer from the delay. Knowing specific attacks also allow you to counter the enemy when they miss. You should also be calm at times. Take time to know when to attack or when you should defend in the process as you could be punished for it.

Master your moves and make some combos

In relation to the top tip, landing blows is essential when you know the delay of your moves. This is also beneficial when you know your attacks. The first attack is a normal slash with normal speed and average damage. Your second attack is a kick which is indicated by a green icon and it is fast when it comes to its attack speed. It does deal light damage but can be used for disrupting enemies from attacking. The third one is a vertical slash coming from the top and it is represented by a yellow icon. The speed is a bit average but can deal more damage. Then the fourth attack is a jumping stab with a red icon where the delay can be long but the damage is just right.

Now when you know and master these moves, you can unleash some combos in the process. One can perform a Low Sweep Combo by doing a normal, yellow then green attack combination. A combo of Spin Slash can be used b using a normal, yellow and red succession. Then finally a player can use an Ultra Combo by performing a green, yellow to red combination. Just remember that executing combos won’t be easy as the enemy could be on the offense as well.

When you would want to duel and fight with knights in the game then our Knights Fight hack, cheats, tips and guide will be essential for your victory

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