Knight Saves Queen Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Everybody loves chest and a lot of people know how to play it but very few are masters at it. Don’t worry about this game which is Knight Saves Queen as it is a variation in the game of chess. It is basically a game about having your knight save the queen. It is also a puzzle game so that helps for the most part but it isn’t as easy as you would think. You can always rely on our Knight Saves Queen hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Knight Saves Queen is available on both iOS and Android.

A variation on chess

Knight Saves Queen is a puzzle game as we stated. You need to reach the queen without using all the moves. Before we get to that lets start with the pieces that you use and go up against. It is a variation of chess so the chess pieces move as they are. You control a knight so it only moves in an L shape pattern. You encounter pawns early on which only attack and kill you in a diagonal pattern. If you know chess then you already know what those chess pieces can do and which way they move. Remember that your knight dies with only one hit so just keep that in mind.

Take your time and don’t worry

In this game you have a number of moves that you can make before you fail to save the queen. The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about a timer. That means you can take up all the time in the world that you need when playing the levels. Don’t worry as well when you make some errors because you can just start from the beginning or just recover if you still have some moves left.

Kill all enemies

In chess you just have to capture the king to win, in this game you have to kill all the enemy chess pieces before you can save the queen. This is where knowledge of those chess pieces can help you up. Remember that enemy chess pieces can only attack you if you are in their movement range. If you can kill them first then that’s good but remember that the other enemies can snipe you as well. Find different patterns and you don’t have to worry which enemies to kill first as long as you just kill them all and you still have moves left.

Watch out for the markers

One good thing in Knight Saves Queen is that the game really helps you. You can see the markers to where your knight can move. White means that is where they can move and red means that they can land an attack on an enemy. While it sounds simple, it can help you a long way. Try to use those patterns and markers to find a good combination to kill all the enemies and save the queen at the end.

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