KleptoCats Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

A couple of cute animated cats can melt anyone’s heart. Now when these cute little cats are also out to steal that can be a bit cuter in a sense since it is all in good fun. You just choose a cat that you would want and let them run loose. Cute cats stealing things is fun but you can have more fune when you read our KleptoCats hack, cheats, tips and guide.

kleptocats hack, cheats, tips and guide

Try different cats to steal different things

When you start the game you get to choose from a bunch of different cats although you can only get them randomly so you can still repick when you don’t like the cat that you got. You can get coins that you can use to get more cats. Now when you have more cats, you can choose to use and alternate between them. The purpose for this is so that you can get more items or coins. While its not really clear as to what determines the cat’s capabilities to take what items. When your cat ends up stealing the same items, they come back as coins and you can use those coins for other purposes. Make sure to get and use as many cats as you can.

The passwords to the safe

If you notice in the settings option, there is an icon that looks like a safe. When you press that safe icon, something like a password input menu appears. You have to input the right password to get something. Thanks to the community we have uncovered the passwords to the safe as the clues are hidden in the items.

In the first room you can see the word Help on the refrigerator. That is the first password that you can input on the safe. Once you enter the password, you get a nice scene where a robot will move from and through the screen going to a hidden laboratory. Then a cat will appear on the screen which will then fade to black and the game had already crashed.

In the second room when you look at the TV the font used is in Windings. When the letters are translated they say the word Catnapped. Once you enter the password, you can see more of the laboratory and the ceiling and floor are now open and of course the game will crash again.

In the third room, the morse code translates to John Catterson. You will then see the right side of the laboratory and the game will crash agian.

In the fourth room, you will see an ID saying the name Carlos. Once you enter that password, you enter the laboratory and see a cat sitting by the window. The game won’t crash and you get to see move around the laboratory more.

Getting those gems

Gems are really useful in the game. You can get them by getting coins. You can get coins by doing our trick which involves using different cats to get more coins. You can get more coins to buy a room or use those coins to buy gems as well.

It’s always fun to let your cats run loose and steal some things and of course our KleptoCats hack, cheats, tips and guide will help you with that.

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