Hot Wheels: Race Off Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

What happens when the brains behind Hill Climb Racing and Hot Wheels toys come together to create a game? The result is one that is both fun and challenging at the same time. Enter Hill Climb Racing on Hot Wheels tracks! This game allows you to drive various types of vehicles along notorious orange tracks, loops, and jumps. Control and modify your vehicles to beat the rest of your competitors! Here is a list of Hot Wheels: Race Off hack and cheats to help you defy gravity and win those races without a snag!

hot wheels race off hack cheats tips guide

Hot Wheels: Race Off is available on both iOS and Android.

All vehicles are not created equal!

Initially, you’ll be able to play the stock vehicle that the game provides until you max upgrade it and earn your first free racer. There are many factors to consider for you to be able to control your vehicle properly. However, to earn your next free racer, you will have to max-upgrade each element (grip, speed, tilt, and stability), which can make driving quite terrible.

Practice every after tune-up!

We found out that smaller vehicles are much easier to control when doing vertical climbs if you max the grip for added power. Whereas bigger ones need to be fast and stable to be able to climb uphill. The tilt element can be quite difficult to predict. Just make sure to get accustomed to the latest tune-ups before you challenge others via the multiplayer game. Practice as much as you can using the single player game.

Hit the gas only when all four wheels are on the ground!

Sounds simple, but quite difficult to do when you are trying to balance a vehicle mid-air. The idea is to land the vehicle flat on all fours before hitting the gas to prevent it from tilting backwards. If it does tilt backwards, you can simply hit the brakes.

Climb tracks properly!

The tricky part is going up the track using a small or really big vehicle. You can modify the vehicle’s stability if it is too tall and you can improve a small car’s grip to help it climb up those crazy uphill tracks. Then, hit the gas at the base of the track to make the vehicle climb. Again, your vehicle needs to be on all fours before you hit the gas at the foot of the climb.

Open gifts and watch ads to double!

Gifts are usually in the form of diamonds, which you can use to unlock the next vehicle. You can click the small gift icon at the top of the screen and repeat once it refreshes. Double your diamonds by watching 15-30-second ads. This is a really quick way of earning those important gems.

Flip but don’t crash and burn!

The most important thing is to finish all races to unlock the next track, whether you place 2nd, 3rd, or last. Just completing for a few meters can earn you coins that can be used for upgrades. Also, pray that your opponent crashes before you do, then you can take it easy! If you can you can also do stunts to up your bonuses!

There you have it! Our Hot Wheels: Race Off hack and cheats! Don’t forget to share your game scores and the number of awesome tracks you’ve already completed. What are you waiting for? Race your friend or some random guy by downloading the game now!

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