My Hospital Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

My Hospital is a nice little hospital simulation game. You basically just need to make and maange a hospital. You need to be mindful of your workers, take care of the patients and update the equipment that you are using at the hospital. Running a hospital can be hard but with our My Hospital hack, cheats, tips and guide then you can run it well.

My hospital hack cheats tips guide

My Hospital is available on both iOS and Android.

Buy and upgrade equipment

Depending on your level you can create specific equipment that you can use on your hospital. These equipment of course are used for treating your patients and many more. Now when you level up, you can gain access to other equipment available to a specific level. When that happens make sure to create one of that equipment as soon as you can. These things take time so make sure you have one because you may never know when you might need them.

The next thing you should do is upgrade your equipment when you have the chance. Upgrading of course costs more the higher the level becomes. Here is a nice little tip so you should upgrade the Panacea Collector as soon as you can so that it can make more Panacea by the hour. The other two things that you should upgrade are the Storage and the Tank.

Handling decorations

Decorations are things that you can buy as well. These decorations are nothing more than aesthetics so they don’t add anything in terms of coin generation or treating patients. Early on it is best to just avoid buying decorations. If you do have some extra coins then you can go for decorations early on. One other thing is that make sure to minimize putting decorations in the lab. The lab has small spaces to begin with so have the equipment there to allocate the space and not the decorations.

Buy and make medicines

One other thing that you need when it comes to your hospital are medicines. You can make medicines which helps you generate more coins. There are some medicines that are a bit more expensive but generates more coins in the process. Your goal here is to make more medicines as possible as you can. Go for those expensive medicines that you can make so that you can get more coins in the process.

Mini games and treasures

While waiting for your equipment to be created or upgraded, there are some mini games that you can play. Playing these games reward you with some coins and other freebies. You may not perform well in some of these mini games but you get coins none the less. You can also watch ads when you would want to which will also reward you with items and coins. Speaking of treasures, if you pay attention to your hospital or lab then there might be some of those hidden treasure chests appearing. Open those chests when you can find them to get more freebies.

A hospital is a busy place so make sure you use our My Hospital hack, cheats, tips and guide to get the job done.

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