It’s Horizon Chase’s First Birthday

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Horizon Chase is one of the finest racing games released for Android and iOS devices. The game was published by Aquiris Game Studio and it has had a very good year so to speak and it is celebrating its first year anniversary or its birthday so to speak. The game itself managed to garner a Gold Award and being one of the best racing games released last year. Now if you haven’t played the game here is a just a nice little summary. First of all the game’s visuals remind you of some of those early 90’s racing games like the ones you would see in the arcades. They don’t look like sprites and they don’t look like blocky cars.

The game of course is a racing game, so the main objective is to race and win or at least score a high rank at the finish. Different race tracks and game modes are available for players to choose from. That also goes the same for more cars that the players can get and use. In celebration of its first anniversary, there are a couple of new updates. The continent of Australia has been added and that means more courses and areas are available to use. Don’t forget about the cars as well as more will be added in time and two are already confirmed. Horizon Chase has only been around for a year so who’s to say it won’t go for another and more.

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