Hempire Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Here’s a fun adult-themed management game that you will surely enjoy—especially if you are a cannabis advocate! Profit “legally” from growing and selling various types of weed, while dodging the usual adversaries from bad cops to ruthless gangs who all want to be the number one supplier in your City! This is one farming game to watch out for! Ready to take on this errr addicting (pun intended) game? Read on to find out our list of Hempire hack and cheats to help you play better!

Hempire is available on both iOS and Android.

Play daily!

Play every single day and you’ll receive cool bonuses and freebies. If you need to finish work IRL, then don’t worry because you can still grow weed even if you’re idle. Just don’t exit the game if you want to take a break and finish your chores and you’ll be okay. Also, play continuously to get used to quick keys, which you’ll find useful if you become quite the busy grower. Get rewarded with diamonds by playing daily.

Choose which missions to complete!

Completing tasks and missions can earn you game currency, XP, and rewards. Before you enter just about any type of deal, make sure to check out what’s in store for you. A list of rewards is provided for an extra bit of info. Complete the tasks that will likely earn you rare items that you can use to improve your production.

Upgrade your storage!

Your shed is an important part of your production, so make sure to collect items that you can use to level it up. Planks and nails can be pretty hard to come by, so be mindful of the tasks that you perform, so you won’t miss out on any. Also, do not sell too much of these useful items. Always prioritise your shed’s upgrade and pick item drops over cash any time. Remember, the bigger the shed, the more profitable you become!

Maintain production!

Breed those plants nonstop and keep on producing those spiked baked goodies for your customers to buy! This will keep the cash flowing and the business going!

Fulfil Wanda’s orders!

Complete Wanda’s deals to earn more cash to use for purchase of better crops and other upgrades. They’re a bit more difficult than regular deals because there is a time-limit attached to each, but the rewards are definitely better than what you’d see on the streets.

Be precise!

The stricter you deal with each of your plants’ watering interval, the better bonuses you’ll get. Keep in mind that not all plants are created equal. Some need to be watered more frequently than others. Just be precise about it for better yield and more free buds after every harvest! Make sure to set your notifications for the game, so you won’t miss your watering obligations once you get busy in real life. Remember, take care of your plants, water well within time-limit and you’ll be rewarded substantially through Epic Bud drops, and more!

Take advantage of temperature factor!

Growing weed varieties that have the same growing temp will optimise your harvest and can even earn you bonuses. This little detail is easily overlooked, especially when you want to grow all types at the same time. Improve your grow room by setting up the lights, subsequently earning the equipment used to measure temperature.

That’s all for our Hempire hack and cheats list! Don’t forget to share your stats and comments below!

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