Hardway: Endless Road Builder Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Hardway: Endless Road Builder is an endless runner type of game. You basically play as a builder that places roads that connects islands to each other. That sounds good but the challenge here is that you need to do it as fast as you can so that the car won’t be falling in the water or crashing because there are no more roads to go to. You may need to rely on Hardway: Endless Road Builder hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Hardway: Endless Road Builder is available on both iOS and Android.

Knowing to tap left or right

When making the bridge you need to tap and hold the left or right side of the screen. Tapping on the left means that bridge will pop up from the left and rotate clockwise. Tapping on the right will make the bridge appear on the right and rotate counter clockwise. You then need to release your hold once the bridge is set onto the next island. It sounds easy but it can be tricky since you’ll probably have a minor brain fart on whether to tap on the left or on the right.

Be fast on making those roads

This is not a game where you need to take your time. You have to be fast on thinking and fast on pressing. Make sure you use both thumbs to make the roads on the left or right. Don’t settle for using one thumb or finger as you may need to alternate when building those roads. This goes back to our tip above where you need to know where to make the road be it right or left.

Make sure the bridges are connected

Making the bridge connect to the island is a good thing but you need to make sure as well that the bridges are connected to each other. There is a chance that even if the end of the bridge is connected to the next island, if the points of the bridge are not perfectly connected then the car will crash even before it will cross the next bridge. It still involves some speed and accuracy.

Don’t worry about the coins or maybe not

You will see coins on the road and you can collect them. There are times though that you won’t be able to get them. The coins are placed on the island so you need to connect and land the bridge to where the coin is but make sure as well that you connect to the next island as well. Don’t worry too much about missing some of the coins if your goal is to get farther. Now if you just want to collect coins then land them right and just repeat all over again without the worry for progress.

Unlock more cars and areas

In Hardway: Endless Road Builder, those coins that you can get will be used to unlock more cars. They don’t actually do much other than just appearance. You can unlock more areas when you complete specific levels but the gameplay is primarily the same.

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