Guardians of the Galaxy TTG Review

Guardians of the Galaxy TTG is one of the many games under the Telltale series. These games allow you to choose from a series of decisions depending on what is asked. Then perform specific actions to get results done. Don’t worry as we won’t be spoiling anything in this review with games like this that are heavy in story. One thing we will say is that the Guardians here are not the same as the in the movies in terms of how they look and sound although they are the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy TTG is available on both iOS and Android.


Like many Telltale games, Guardians of the Galaxy TTG is heavy on the story. It isn’t a very fast paced or action packed game but it does contain elements of an RPG. This means that all you have to do is to pay attention to the story. In certain points you will be asked to answer a series of decisions. Whatever you choose will have some effects later be it good or bad. Keep in mind that you can’t undo your decisions made so just continue on with it.

One could argue that you are playing a movie or a TV episode as most of the time you’ll be paying more attention to the story rather than just playing the game. Don’t worry though as there are elements to where you are playing a videogame and not just making decisions. In some parts of the game you have to do quick time events. These events require you to press on the screen or do some swiping. Depending on what the game asks of you, you just need to comply. In some cases when you fail to do the quick time event, it could mean that you restart that segment or the story continues on with some effects later.


Guardians of the Galaxy TTG’s visuals are pretty good. They use the standard and up to date 3D modeling graphics. Those aren’t realistic so to speak but they look good. They also have a cartoony look to the characters which is fine as well. The animation is smooth and lighting is just fine. In terms of the music, you pretty much get standard music tracks in these type of games. It does also contain some classical music tracks and songs. Most of the time though in the dialogue sections, it is pretty much quiet which is good. Voice acting and dialogue is also fine. It isn’t too complicated and boring and it does the part.

Strong points:

Aesthetics are fine regardless of which port you play as well as good for mobile game standards. The gameplay as well isn’t too demanding and it is interesting for you to make different decisions and makes you want to play the game over again to find out what results can happen when you make the other decisions.

Final Evaluation:

Guardians of the Galaxy TTG is a game for those that like story style progressive games. Just as we stated it isn’t a fast paced game so you just focus on your decision making and not so much as to actually playing a videogame. Plus isn’t too much of a punishing game so you’ll be safe even if you fail those quick time events.

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