Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Grumpy Cats Worst Game Ever is not actually the worst game. It is a nice title to lure in some interested players as the games are really fun but challenging to play. The game is a mixture of an endless runner and a bunch of mini games. You may start off with a Flappy Bird kind of game then switch to something like a puzzle game. Your Grumpy Cat of choice will always be the one doing them. Make sure you know what to do and master those mini games with the help of our Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever hack, cheats, tips and guide.

grumpy cats worst game ever hack cheats tips guide

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Games Ever is available on both iOS and Android.

Unlock cats as fast as you can

When you have enough coins to unlock cats then do it as soon as you can. The reason for unlocking cats is that you can have a different choice of cat. These cats don’t really offer something different in terms of their performance. Think of them as being there for aesthetics but there is one other benefit when you unlock a cat. You can unlock more areas when unlocking the right cat as well as unlocking more mini games in the process.

When unlocking cats as well you should choose a different area for different times. Just like when you unlock a cat in the Grumpywood, you can get different results when unlocking another cat in another area. Just mix things up a bit instead of unlocking them in the same area.

Mastering the mini games

Mini games pop up in random. You do gain access to the same ones earlier on so you have time to master them. Later on you can unlock more mini games so you need to master more of them. It is ideal that you master the initial mini games first before you unlock and gain more mini games.

Failing is okay

Given that you will encounter new mini games, it is okay that you fail them from time to time. The challenging part is that you get different waves of games instead of one long one. Your mind will be focused on one thing so it will suddenly shift or be surprised with the new game. That is why you shouldn’t feel to bad when you fail that round. You still get points and coins so that is good.

Speed is a factor

You don’t have to go fast when playing the mini games. There are a lot of these mini games where you have to be slow and accurate. There isn’t a time limit so that’s good but there are games where you have to be on the move. The general thing is that you need to be in haste but with the right time. Just relax as you will still get points regardless. Going too fast could be more harmful to you than helpful.

Playing through a series of mini games can be challenging so use our Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever hack, cheats, tips and guide to get better.

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