Glyph Quest Chronicles Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Glyph Quest Chronicles is a puzzle game mixed with elements of adventure and RPG. You get to choose from different characters but you can only take one of them at a time. You can collect more characters but for the most part you deal with different numbers of enemy waves. You just solve puzzles like the traditional match 3 types of more. The more puzzles you solve means the more damage you can do to the enemies. Continue this and explore the rest of the world but you can always rely on our Glyph Quest Chronicles hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Glyph Guest Chronicles is available on both iOS and Android.

Choose a school

When you just start playing Glyph Quest Chronicles, you can choose a character that you can use. Each character is attuned to a school or an elemental property. Each school can be effective against other types of enemies. In a sense they can have bonuses that are attuned to your character’s school. The downside is that there are some elements that can be less effective depending on your school. Don’t worry though as you can gain more characters later on from different schools and use them depending on your needs.

A little spell there

Your characters have abilities that they use. Spells are the primary arsenal that your characters can use. Each character has different spells to learn and master. In the beginning if you’re unsure as to which spells to upgrade then here is a nice tip. One thing you can do is focus to the affinity of your character and school. You can choose to learn more but for now just focus on two or three spells so that you can at least have a fighting chance later on. 

Update your inventory and potions

Your characters can equip some items later on. Lets start first with the nice potion tip. When it comes to potions you should always bring a large amount of potions. Earlier on you may not be able to afford some equipment so focus on having some nice potions in your stock. Even if you don’t end up using all of the potions, you can still carry them on later on. Once you have a lot of money for equipment, don’t ignore those potions. You can still bring some potions but updating your inventory now is the thing to do. Have good equipment that you can use so that you can clear levels much faster or just survive the ordeal.

Know your enemy

The enemies in the Glyph Quest Chronicles can be easy at first but they can gradually become a bit hard later on. When you fail in a level because of some enemies, you can read their data later on. Unfortunately you can’t read data on enemies that you haven’t faced yet. Once you find out the abilities and properties of the enemies, you can then prepare by equipping the right tools to protect yourself and other properties.

Explore and puzzle out those enemies with the help of our Glyph Quest hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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