Glory Ridge Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Glory Ridge is a mixture of different gameplay mechanics. It is a base building game where you need to manage your kingdom in all of its aspects. Then the other element is where you need to attack other kingdoms. However even before you do that, you can undergo quests and do some classic tactical RPG battle mechanics. This game has a lot to offer but make sure to use our Glory Ridge hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Glory Ridge is available on both iOS and Android.

Do the basics

In games like Glory Ridge you just need to do the basics. In terms of basics, just build the basic buildings and make sure to upgrade them. Make sure as well to upgrade things like your troops and the other things that make your kingdom running.

Have something going most of the time

Whenever you build something, train troops, upgrade, do research and others it will take time. While the the process is undergoing, it will take some time. It usually just takes to minutes but later on it goes to hours and even days. Try to have something going most of the time. Don’t have your buildings idle for the most part. The other thing though is that you need to watch out for your resources. While you need to do something about your productions, spending all of your resources right away is not ideal as you may need it at a given point in time. Plus when you log out make sure you have something going that takes a long period of time to finish.

Try to be online a lot

Glory Ridge doesn’t always require you to be online but if you really want to get ahead of the game, then staying online for a lot of time is something that you can do. The reason why you need to be online a lot is because you can get in game rewards as they reward you when you’re online. The other thing is that you can get a lot of those short time work done. Then again just as we stated, when you log out make sure you have something going so that you can have something finished when you go online the next time. The other players as well can’t attack you when you’re online.

Plan your attacks

Whether you do the single player campaign or actually invade other players, you need to be mindful of the troops that you make. You won’t always have success with the same troops that you use. You have to be mindful that enemies change and enemy players have different assignments. Try to come up with different troop formations and troops to use to get victory. The other thing is that make sure your troops are upgraded when you need them.

An alliance

You can choose to join an alliance in the game. When you do so you get some benefits that can only be received when you are in an alliance. Plus you can get some help from other players and they can’t necessarily attack you as well.

Fight for glory with the help of our Glory Ridge hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

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