Garfield Go Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Our favorite cat is back with a new game called Garfield Go. If that name sounds familiar then that’s because it uses elements of that familiar game. The game is actually a reality augmented game where you go on with Garfield in a treasure hunting experience. You try to walk around near the treasure points to see what kind of items and tasks you can get. One other thing is that you can even win real life prizes if you play the game seriously. To help you with that you can use our Garfield Go hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Garfield Go is available on both iOS and Android.

A little zooming

In games like Garfield Go, the zoom feature is your friend. You can zoom in to get a better understanding to where the treasure is. If you’re familiar with your area then it helps since you can find the potential spot with ease. Zooming out also helps you find out if the area is too far and it helps if you don’t want to go out too far on that particular time.

Turn off the AR

The AR mode basically sets the background to what your camera sees. Like if you’re on the road then the background will show the cars moving and people passing by. If this is a burden for you then turn off the AR mode. That way you get a still background that goes with the game. The thing that you should also remember is that lowering the volume or muting the game as well as setting the brightness to low helps in saving the device’s power. In some cases just bring a spare battery or a portable charger.

Finding Garfield

There are times when Garfield is trying to be a pain and you have to find him. In order to find him, you need to move your device to different directions and you will be notified if you’re hot or cold. Hot means you’re getting closer and cold means you’re far away. Be sure to move your device in all directions and don’t just limit it to moving left and right but as well as up and down.

Food for thought

Just like you when you’re playing the game you would get tired and need to have some food and drinks. You can do that in real life when playing Garfield Go but Garfield also needs some food as well. Before you go out to get some treasure be sure to pack some food for Garfield. You can also make more just in case he gets cranky. You can also get food when you need it in some spots where you can play mini games for food. Before you feed Garfield, the default food selected is that of the highest quality. If it doesn’t need to be the one, then choose a different food to feed him. Just remember that he will eat and you have to feed him.

Treasure hunting sure is tough but use Rouen Gamers’ Garfield Go hacks, cheats, tips and guide and it doesn’t have to be. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers. 

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